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Fat-burning soup diet: the recipes, reviews slimming

Fat-burning soup diet: the recipes, reviews slimming «Magic» fat burning soups are helping to lose weight, because they require more energy to digest than they give.Low-calorie soup quickly gives a feeling of fullness due to its volume and consistency.In addition, these soups are helping to establish proper nutrition and lead not only figure, but also the entire body in order - they clean the digestive system, removes toxins and waste products.

the summer - even the very nature conducive to improving the diet of tasty and healthy vegetable soups.US cardio surgeons even prescribe these soups to their patients with obesity before the surgery, because such a diet can be no harm and health consequences for a week to lose up to eight kilograms and numerous testimonials prove it.

fat-burning soup diet: the recipes

Bonn soup


3-6 pcs.medium tomatoes;
Celery root or stalk his 3-4;
little cabbage - small forks;
6 pcs.medium onions;
2-3 green peppers.

Cooking well:
Finely crumble all the vegetables, pour water or broth (low-fa

t meat or vegetable) (so that the waters were about a third more than the vegetables) and cook until vegetables are tender.Instead of salt in the soup, you can add any of the following seasoning: garlic, chili, pepper, curry, Tabasco, soy sauce, cumin, coriander, soy sauce.
bow before you can fry in a little olive oil.

fat-burning soup with spinach


1 onion;
clove of garlic;
vegetable oil;
300g frozen or fresh spinach;
125 ml of milk;
125 ml cream.

Cooking well:
crumble finely and fry the onion and garlic in a saucepan on a small amount of vegetable oil.Add the spinach and simmer until until it becomes soft.Salt, pepper (not much), and then fill it with milk and cream.Once the soup comes to a boil, cook for five minutes.Remove the pan from the heat, stir with a mixer.Let cool and eat cold, you can add a slice of lemon in a bowl.

following soups slimming differ only in the composition of products, and prepared about the same, so he recipe we give after listing the ingredients for each of the three courses.

Cabbage soup


half cauliflower;
half Velka cabbage;
1 onion;
1 sweet pepper;
2-3 pcs.carrots;
6-8 celery stalks;
half a lemon (juice);
seasoning, salt and herbs to taste.

Tomato soup

3 tomatoes;
0,5 kg of cabbage;
1 pc.carrots;
30 g celery root;
2 cloves of garlic;
seasoning, salt and herbs to taste.

Onion soup:

6 bulbs;
2 tomatoes;
polkochana cabbage;
bundle of green celery;
2 bell pepper.

For the last three soups first thing shred cabbage.Vegetables fill with water so that it completely covers them.The cooking process also ensures that the water does not boil over, and if necessary, add water.Water solim first.If you use celery root, then add it at the beginning of cooking, the green - at the end.Carrots, onions and peppers finely cut and lightly fry in olive oil, and add the zazharku frayed tomatoes (preferably without the skin), spices and lemon juice.The greens are always adding to our fat-burning soup last.

Each of these soups earned positive reviews women who are watching their weight.The main thing is sure that, to a weekly weight loss was not more than seven to eight kilograms.

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