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Dukan Diet Recipes

Dukan Diet Recipes Every year the Dukan Diet is becoming increasingly popular in the world.And all because he recommends not just the narrow rules that must be followed, but also many delicious and healthy recipes.Even a sweet tooth can sit on a diet, because you can cook wonderful cakes, candies and thus dump their extra weight.Of course, all the recipes require some time, but if you want to lose weight, and at the same time tasty and satisfying to eat - have the ability to exercise the right to cook dishes.

1. Stewed zucchini with seafood cocktail (during cruising and Stabilisation)

to start taking 500-700 g zucchini, cut them into cubes, add the garlic to the same.All this throw on a heated pan, which was previously necessary to lubricate with olive or mustard oil.Vegetables tormented for 5 minutes on low heat (at this time to defrost 500 grams of seafood mix).You can buy a ready-made seafood cocktails, and you can build it yourself - calamari, shrimp, mussels.In any case, all these seafood desirably washed pri

or to adding to the food.

washed Seafood add squash to the pan, leave to languish minute 10. At this time, 2-3 tomatoes cut into small pieces and also add them to the pan (if not lazy, remove the tomato skins, but it is exactly the taste of food will not spoil).Together with the need to put out a dish of tomatoes for 5 minutes, then add the coriander to it or any other available in the kitchen herbs.

This dish is versatile - it has its own tastes like hot and cold.In addition, it can be eaten as a side dish, and also as a main dish.

Skewers of beef (for Phase Attack, Cruise, and Fixing)

dishes for 4 servings you need to take 400 grams of sirloin.He cut into large chunks, then marinate in a special sauce.For the sauce, you need to mix these ingredients: 50 ml of soy sauce (choose one in which the least sodium), 1 tbspapple cider vinegar, 1 bay leaf, a pinch of thyme, 2 tablespoonsDijon mustard, lemon juice 50 ml.

marinated beef leave for 2-4 hours, so it is well soaked with sauce.Then pour the marinade, skewered pieces of beef on skewers and cook kebabs in the oven or over a fire (in the country, in a private house, in nature).Optionally to this dish, you can add mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers (depending on the phase of the diet).

Fish soup with nigiri (for phases Attack, Cruise, and Fixing)

Take any red fish (can be fresh salmon), clean it from the skin, bones, put in a saucepan, cover with water.Put the pan on the fire and bring the water to a boil, carefully remove the foam formed on top.A little salt to taste (salt does not get carried away, it is better to add to the minimum).While the fish is cooked, take nigiri (this seaweed, known for the fact that it is wrapped rolls and sushi), slice them golosochkom.

When the fish is ready, remove it from the water.If you cooked the fish in whole or in large pieces, divide it into smaller pieces.Thawed shrimp, rinse and add to the same water where the fish is cooked, dip back into the pot small pieces of salmon.It adds nigiri, you stir the soup, literally 2-3 minutes remove from heat.The soup can add soy sauce and finely chopped greens.

Stuffed eggs (for the attack phase)

Cook 6 hard-boiled eggs, cut each of them into 2 equal halves (yolks must be removed, leaving only the whites).Prepare 240 g shrimp (wash, boil, peel and finely chop them).Egg yolks, mix with chopped shrimp, add to homemade mayonnaise (recipe cook it for Ducane without oil).Fill the egg whites from the yolk mass and shrimp, you can add a little red or black pepper for flavor.

Mayonnaise Ducane without sunflower oil (for phases Attack, Cruise, and Fixing)

In order to get a real homemade mayonnaise, you must mix the egg yolks with olive oil, but the Dukan Diet is a combination, particularly in the phase of the attack is simply unacceptable.We all want to lose weight, eating delicious food, so the real mayonnaise can be replaced at least tasty imitation, perfectly suited to this diet.

for mayonnaise, you will need: 3 boiled yolk, 5 tspcottage cheese (it is desirable that he was a smooth, sure-fat), 3 tspnonfat yogurt, half a teaspoon of mustard (not powder), 3 drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, half a tablet a sugar substitute.All this is put in the blender bowl and whisk for 15 minutes to mayonnaise became homogenous.And now they can be refilled salads and to cook with the help of other tasty dishes.

Chicken salad with radishes (for the cruise phase and consolidation)

For one serving shake must be 2 eggs, pour them into the pan and fry in thin pancakes.When your pancakes cool, they need to be cut into strips.Add them to the cooked chicken breast, which is also necessary to cut stripes.On a coarse grater grate 1 medium-sized green radish.Mix all ingredients, season with lemon juice (1/4 lemon), 100 gr.0% yogurt, add salt and pepper to your taste.

Bird's milk (sweet recipe)

for this recipe requires 1 cup of milk.Take 1 tbspgelatin, pour it into 20 ml of milk and allow to swell for 15 minutes.When the gelatin absorbs liquid to it, add the remaining milk, put on a little fire and heat until gelatin is completely dissolved (continuously stir the mixture), add here a little vanilla and 6 tablets sweetener.

In a separate container, whisk blender 1 pack of skim soft cheese (about 150 - 200 g).Then add to it 1 tbspmilk powder (you can substitute 1 tablespoon protein shake) and whisk again.Fill this mixture of milk with gelatine (it must drain through a strainer), beat until smooth.The resulting liquid bird's milk pour into a container and refrigerate until complete solidification.

At this time, melt a few pieces of dark chocolate (in aspartame or stevia) in a water bath, add to it 2-3 tablespoons of liquid milk and a little vanilla.Constantly stir the chocolate so that it is not burnt, remove from heat and cool.Take the form of a frozen bird milk and pour it on top of the chocolate, the sweetness again put in the refrigerator.

cauliflower puree with cream cheese (for phases Cruise and consolidation)

in one container boil the cauliflower with 2 cloves of garlic (it will be much better if you do it in a double boiler, is not it all the vitamins in vegetables remain).Then lower the boiled vegetables into a blender and grind them, add to them pepper and salt, 3 tablespoonscottage cheese and then whisk until smooth.The dish is ready!

Chocolates (sweet recipe)

on any of the diets many women are missing is sweet, but the Dukan Diet allows you to eat sweets without sugar, and sometimes it seems as if you eat real chocolate, but grow thin.It will be useful for the sweet tooth this recipe chocolates.Mix in a blender one egg, sugar, 20 ml of milk.In a separate container, mix 6 tablespoonsmilk powder, 3 tspcocoa, 2 tablespoonsstarch.

The resulting dry mixture is added to a blender in 3 sets each time whip.You should eventually get the ideal weight, you want to pour into cups and put in the refrigerator (if you can not wait to try the result of their efforts, put the candy in the freezer).You can eat the chocolate mass in a pasty state.

fish in the oven (for the attack phase)

Take trout, bream or mackerel (believe me, baked in the oven, it is not worse than the salted or smoked).Gently gut fish, wash it and dry it with a paper towel.Inside and outside of the fish with salt and pepper, place it inside the chopped herbs, garlic and sliced ​​lemon.In a baking dish, place the lemon slices to the fish without oil is not burnt.

capacity wrap tightly in foil and bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 160-180 degrees, and then remove the form from the oven, remove foil and place in the oven for another 15 minutes to get the crust.The same recipe can be used in the Cruise phase - can be put into the fish pepper, tomato, sprinkle the fish a little olive oil.

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