Practical advice

Why do you always want to have a diet?

effective control of its own weight is possible with the correct assessment of their characteristics and weaknesses.The proposed tests will help determine which type you belong and to develop the best strategy.

you eat almost nonstop
usually in the evening you are not able to determine how much of the day eaten "small things."

It's about you?

    1. Do you often snack on the go.
    2. You did not used to eat at the table.
    3. Do you eat more than six times a day.
    4. We often scour the kitchen in search of goodies.
    5. In the evening it is impossible to recall the amount eaten.

Start with accounting eaten per day.Train yourself to eat only at the table, enjoying every bite.The brain should realize that the body received food.
favorite treat replace the dried fruit or fresh fruit.

you - a lover in the mood to eat
Good news or bad mood become an occasion for gluttony.It looks like you?

    1. Sometimes it's hard to stop eating something tasty.
    2. When you are angry, a favorite delicacy a
    ble to reassure you.
    3. In ferklempted want to chew on.
    4. There are dishes that can lift your mood, even without this good.

If all of this can be attributed to you, then the next weight-loss strategy.

  • food affects the so-called "pleasure center", making you happier.Therefore, irritation or bad mood compensated by food.But the center is able to react to non-food rewards: a warm bath, a walk, etc.Teach yourself to them.
  • Choose something that can be fun.The next attack appetite try to replace food with something on this list.Add pleasant stimuli, such as enrolling in a dance studio.
  • But do not force yourself too.The measure should be delicious and fun.After all, forbidden fruit is too sweet.

you - a lover of "seizing" stress
squandered a day like clockwork, you can not relax normally and night.And the weight is gradually added.It's about you?

    1. Often it seems that the situation is not controlled by you.
    2. Career development is perceived as a reward.
    3. You grieved the problem to "the personal front."
    4. Are you sure you love you less than you deserve.

excess cortisol (stress hormone) leads to weight gain.Stress must be overcome.Well it helps sport, designed for the development of stamina (walking, swimming, biking, etc.).Physical activity blocks feelings of hunger and reduces levels of cortisol.

are useful as various techniques of relaxation (yoga, etc.).Massages also help to facilitate the development of oxytocin, cortisol helps fight.
method available: on his left hand to find the hollow between thumb and forefinger and press it with the thumb of the other hand for 10 seconds.