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Lose weight during the holidays

Can not gain weight, or even better, to lose weight during the holidays?On the one hand, more active lifestyle vacation promotes weight loss.But there are factors that can prevent weight loss.

Lose weight during the holidays So, what will help us to lose weight during the holidays :

Change events and impressions.The more active the body perceives the new experience, the less we think about food and fat faster.For example, take a guided tour by bus through Europe.Or select leisure at the resort.Rapidly changing environment has a positive effect on weight loss.Power becomes less plentiful, as it was before, with the person feels quite comfortable.

The endless hectic days we often do not have time and the desire to do themselves.In a release, as a rule, we begin to move more.Perform field trips, go jogging, swimming.Such active (in moderation) activities reduces appetite, it increases the consumption of fat.

lifestyle that we are on vacation, creating a much less stressful.This means less chance of once again "to console him

self" a hearty meal or a high-calorie snack.

And now that may prevent good intentions to return from vacation postroynevshey.
Do not choose for themselves debilitating diet or to appoint a training regime that can not survive.The result is a breakdown and returned kilograms.It is much better to use the opportunity to increase metabolism: supporting the active motor mode, following a rational diet, daily routine (necessarily get enough sleep!), As well as constantly being in a good mood.

Just losing weight may prevent a long vacation is not enough.If in a week or two, and you lose weight, the result is hard to keep on the expiration of the period of leave.Usual working days are of a habitual stress and problems, and habitual diet will quickly lead to the return of dootpusknogo weight.

If you stay with relatives in the village, you can not avoid power supply.And the temptation will be.Homemade food with all its charms can put a bullet in your weight loss.The same applies to the rest, it is assumed buffet.

In such cases, can only try to control myself, and eat in moderation, avoiding overeating.But most importantly - be defined in advance with prohibitions and restrictions.Divide all products on conventional groups 2 to 1st consists of all products with higher fat and sugar to the 2nd - products containing complex carbohydrates, vegetables and protein.Start eating foods always with group 2, and to the products of group 1 applies to both treat, eat them slowly, you have almost full.

  • Try to diversify your diet.Put in a bowl of several kinds of side dishes and salads.Enjoy each new taste sensation, it will automatically make you eat more slowly, which means you just feel that you are already full.
  • Try before taking the main food (about 15 minutes) to eat some low-fat product.Perfect cup of tea with milk and a small portion of cheese and a slice of bread.
  • Try to move as much as possible, using every opportunity.Exercise will keep the body in good shape, activating fat consumption.

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