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Lose weight the best collectively than individually

Lose weight the best collectively than individually special study conducted by scientists from medical college town Baylor (USA), which found that people who are overweight, can in the shortest time to say goodbye to their excess weight, if they as much as possible to spend time with other people sufferinga similar problem.For the study were invited to obese people and for nearly half a year, they participated in a weight loss program Weight Watchers.

During this time, scientists have observed for each participant, and as a result it became clear that the party, which is most often involved in the program, as well as use a special application on the mobile phone, developed by researchers dropped the maximum number of kilograms, namely8.5-9 kg.The collective search for solutions to the problem has become a major factor in getting rid of excess weight.As you know, in the US, most people have a problem with obesity, but in Russia it suffers every second person.