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Big belly leads to mental disorders

Big belly leads to mental disorders American scientists from the medical center, located at the University of Rush, revealed an interesting pattern: it turns out, people with big bellies exposed to considerable risk associated with memory loss and even dementia.It is understood that a person with a "belly" may be feeble-minded in his old age, when lifelong fail to comply with the diet, eliminating "excess stomach".

More 5 years ago, Californian research scientists stated that obese people can get sick from dementia in old age, but 2 years later, in 2010, was carried out new research, which questioned this information.It was then already an association between the gaps in memory and the size of the stomach.In the same year, special experiments on laboratory mice have only confirmed the version of 2010.The reason for the possible future dementia is the lack of necessary protein in human liver, which has a big belly.

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