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Scientists: "Oily food does not lead to extra kilos"

Scientists: "Oily food does not lead to extra kilos" Experts from the US, after a series of costly conducted observations and experiments in the field of nutrition and obesity, have come to an interesting conclusion, which casts doubt on the generally accepted opinion about the causes of excess weight.In particular, it became known that fatty high-calorie foods may not be the main cause of obesity.Then what is the cause of obesity?

American researchers during their observations, first of all, based on the statistics: for 20 years, according to statistics, the food has the same level of calories, but the same number of obese people is steadily increasing every year!

When the researchers conducted a survey among obese women, American women, find out one interesting detail: before, 20 years ago, only 19 percent of girls and women could not stick to sports, at the moment of - 53%.As for the stronger sex, there is also increased the percentage of people who are not engaged in physical training - from 11% to 43%.Experts conclude: stout man not so much on f

atty foods, but on the reduction of physical activity.

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