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You think you are hungry?

You think you are hungry? huge range of products in stores, coupled with a beautiful advertising junk food leads to the fact that many people have extra weight.But efforts to do a lot to lose excess weight.Training, running, dancing and diet, according to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj the US, is not a reliable way to get rid of obesity.What does a writer of sensational articles in American magazines?

Batmanghelidj has written a number of publications that explain that the human body needs water frequently throughout the day.That's what the doctor says in his article: "Breakfast, lunch and dinner - it's wonderful.But the rhythm of life is now so crazy that sometimes people forget about the principles of nutrition and love often snacking during the day, so to speak, on the go.It is in such moments, when it seems like there are, your body really needs water!Just drink a glass of water, you can add the lemon juice, or a little honey.So you get rid of the constant "light" snacks, which often include junk calorie food, and the body will be

able to recover the missing water. "

Gradually, in the opinion of the doctor, with the help of this method, a person can get in shape and become slim.