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Scientists: "Organic food is much more useful than the usual"

Scientists: "Organic food is much more useful than the usual" Scientists from the UK was finally able to prove the long-standing theory that organic foods are useful for everyone.Experts from the University of Newcastle found that organic food is much more useful than one that is grown on c / agricultural land by conventional standard methods.

In the latter case, according to British scientists, the food contains 20 percent more different antioxidants.That is the conclusion the researchers came after a series of tests and experiments.However, a doctor from the Royal College of London, Tom Sanders thinks otherwise: he argues that organic grains protein content is much less than in the s / s cultures.

addition, Sanders called for the public to pay attention to the fact that past scientific work of the scientists in Newcastle have been questioned.In reply to the researchers promised to continue research in this area and will soon present a new report on the results of their scientific work.