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High-calorie food is not leading to chronic obesity

High-calorie food is not leading to chronic obesity Recently, scientists from Stanford University (USA) presented the results of their observation that overweight, appear in person because of the calorie consumption of fatty foods, you can easily fix by using a constant exercise in the gym.

researchers emphasize that it is necessary to distinguish between weight from obesity, which can be the cause of genetic features and all sorts of diseases.In the case when the excess kilos only appear due to improper power supply system (intake of sweet and fatty foods), this problem can be relatively easily corrected through exercise.

In addition, the researchers point out that this kind of weight loss, as a rule, does not turn into chronic.Each full person wishing to lose weight, experts advise, first of all, to be screened in order to identify the exact causes of excess weight, only to find the right weight loss method.

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