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British scientists found the key to rapid weight loss

British scientists found the key to rapid weight loss Researchers from the UK (University of Mary) claim that they are on the way to making the most that neither is a "magic pill" for weight loss.As the British scientists, the time will come when all will not have to sit on diets and torturing long in regular exercise to get rid of excess kilos.All you need to do, in their opinion - to drink a miracle pill.

The principle of operation of the new drugs will be based on the disposal of a person from hunger: taking the pill, the body is "satisfied" that does not need food.Experts from the University of Mary in the course of his research made an interesting conclusion: the lower area of ​​the intestine increasingly require "belief satiety," and when people will accept the "magic pill" of excess weight, his digestive system will work in such a way as ifhe underwent gastric bypass surgery ...!

remedy possible will be available no earlier than 2019.Currently conducted various clinical trials.

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