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How to get better during the holidays?

How to get better during the holidays Millions of people after protracted feasts gain weight.Unnoticed salads with mayonnaise, cakes and alcohol are winning even the most desperate supporters of diets.Can we not get better in the New Year holidays and not feel completely alien to the universal joy?Of course, your main friends - a bit of strategy, a little planning and a lot of fun during the holidays.

plan to vacation during the holidays, so as not to gain weight

know when eaten most of the "Olivier"?It is not New Year's Eve and on the first day of the blessed moment, when all the guests had left, and you're wearing a bathrobe and slippers, watching TV.Be sure to plan a fun activity for each output.No washing or cleaning the entire floor, to which did not reach the hands of last year.In winter, even in the city a lot of interesting and inexpensive entertainment.Take your children to the park, blind snow fort and arrange a real assault, visit the theater, cinema or an exhibition.And be sure to schedule a 2-3 walk to ski or skate in the

week.If you love to take care of themselves, spend time in the home spa.Arrange a bath for weight loss, or call friends on a hen party with masks, pedicures and massages.

taken seriously in the process fun yourself - select type of fun activity time, mark it in the diary, and determine how and with whom you will spend it.

A similar strategy is working and to 31 the number of feasts.Do not sit with salad, goose, "blue light" and champagne.Think of anything, but it must involve dancing.You can have a party in the Caribbean-style dress and the guests at the beach "ammunition."Then the usual fat bird can be replaced with assorted seafood.You go to a restaurant?Perfectly!There is sure to be entertaining program, that's it, not food and alcohol, and pay special attention to.

How to get better during the holidays: for the New Year table

What to do with your free time, we have already decided, and now let's talk about how to eat for the New Year table to not get better during the holidays.

  • First of all, do not arrange a fasting day before the meal - so you only sharpen the appetite, and certainly try everything that was offered.
  • Eat in the usual amounts Dec. 31, do not miss the breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • bad help a small portion of meat, cheese or cottage cheese for breakfast - complete protein suppresses hunger and helps control your appetite throughout the day.

Use banquet Hollywood usually - in his hand a glass of dry wine, a plate of vegetables, fruit, some cheese and a small portion of the main course."Set" we are slowly absorbed in the course of the evening, and most of the time pay to communicate."Owner" of all this splendor is dressed in an elegant dress and standing in high heels.Even if you sit at home in the family circle completely, wear stylish, and you do not want to mindlessly overeat.

What to do with the calories after the feast?

Fine happens when you start the new year with a small lifestyle changes.To train yourself to start walking.Today, many smart phones have a pedometer, and nutritionists say that 10 000 steps a day will save you from gaining weight more reliable than a strict diet.And you can buy a card at the fitness club.These institutions often have a Christmas discounts, so you can get not only fun but also benefits.In

vacation eat deliberately - let each meal includes a source of lean protein, vegetable or fruit.Try to eat small meals, and do not forget that the day should drink at least two liters of clean water normal.And use the time to relax, calm nerves, and sleep, and this simple strategy will definitely help you lose weight.

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