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How to get out of the diet

How to get out of the diet Thus, "the weight is taken."After a few weeks, and maybe months, a strict diet, you finally achieved the desired result.It would seem that it's time to sit back and rest on our laurels, in passing visiting all tucked under the arm partying with alcohol, and not missing a single cake in the afternoon.Unfortunately, these patterns of thinking and lead us to re-gain weight and falling into a vicious circle of weight loss and return to previous levels.Avoid this common problem can be, knowing how to get out of the diet and do not get better.No matter how you lose weight, you have no choice - either you go on a diet with proper nutrition, or join the ranks of permanently losing weight - is recovering women.

Exit diet: after losing weight on a mono diet

If you reduce weight on popular mono-diet - buckwheat, kefir, cottage cheese - you'll have to be patient.The main principle here - the gradual, just 50 kcal per day diet and increase the gain of one new product per day.

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Let's say you have stayed two weeks in the buckwheat.How to get out of the diet did not gain weight?

  • the morning of the first day out of the diet change the usual porridge orange or apple and yogurt.The rest of the meals are "buckwheat".
  • The next day, low-fat yogurt instead of taking 50 grams of low-fat (25%), cheese, and yogurt with fruit to eat lunch.
  • so consistently replace no more than one receiving dietary food for one day.First introduced dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruit, and only then - meat and fish.After 5 days, go on a diet the average person.

Problems arise if to "planted" on a diet you prefer fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, and other high-calorie foods.Accept the fact that he would never become eat them in the same amount.Determine the most favorite dish and let it appear on your desktop for half portions once a week.

rest of the time eat lean meat, stewed and fresh vegetables, brown rice, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

Replace fatty sweets 1-2 marmeladinami or half marshmallow, cakes and biscuits and eat only at celebrations and half portions.

How to go from the protein diet

Sometimes, "having served" the Kremlin diet, you pounce on like beneficial bran bread and buckwheat.And in the end it turns out significant weight gain and disappointment in myself.Unfortunately losing weight on a diet with significant restrictions carbohydrate foods, you have to stick to it supporting the regime at least six months, not to gain weight back.

Remember that in this case the answer to the question: how to get out of the diet after weight loss, this is the - standard "maximum" carbohydrates if you lose weight by 20-40 grams per day is not more than 60 grams.Accustomed to "the table of the Kremlin" - calculate it for 60 "USD" and do not exceed this amount.

If overeaten - the next day to arrange fasting days on protein products.And best of all enjoy a serious fitness.Just three hours of training in the gym will allow you to painlessly for the figure to increase the number to 120 grams of carbohydrates a day.

And when it will be cake?If you want to save weight - never, at least once a year on his own birthday.Master the art of low-carb replace conventional products.Instead pilau rice cook, for example, stewed cabbage with meat, instead of the usual cake - cottage cheese casserole with a small amount of fructose or raisins, well, eat porridge and bread is limited in the first half of the day.

If you lost weight in the system minus 60, "out of the diet," you will not have to - it is necessary to begin to supplement the diet of a late dinner, the weight will come back.If you want to return to a normal diet, will have to "zamorochitsya" on counting calories.Calculate your energy consumption per diem and plan your diet around within this figure.

Usually people overeat about 300 kcal, despite the plans, but counting calories, in any case, will stay afloat and not gain weight.

If you're not going to leave the system just do not skip meals and eat "appetite for."But when a late supper is unavoidable, choose protein dishes - meat, fish, cottage cheese, or yogurt.


Even if you lost weight without exercise, without changing locomotor activity, to get better, coming out of the diet, you will have to pick up a suitable fitness.After all, according to scientists, more than 80% of people regularly attending fitness training, losing weight is not restored former weight, and remained slim.

your mandatory minimum - three o'clock training activity a week.In addition, try to walk more in the warmer months, swim in open water, in the cold - skiing.Try to avoid overwork and stress - it was because of their increased appetite.Observe moderation and good luck in the new life!


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