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Dukan Diet and alcohol

Dukan Diet and alcohol often said that the French drink wine more than all the world, and it's true.However, that did not stop 10 million of my compatriots who keep my diet, give up alcohol, then to drink again, but in a "normal dose" in the consolidation phase and especially during the ongoing stabilization phase.This is a frequently asked question - is it possible to take alcohol during the Dukan Diet?

When I decided to "bring" my method in the UK, my editors, translators, journalists - in short, all my surroundings - asked to adapt the diet to the Anglo-Saxon way of life and to allow a little bit of alcohol: beer, whiskey ...

weighed all "pros "and" cons ", I decided not to do so.Not because I stick to rigid moral rules, or because they are in conflict with them, so that weight loss is not easy and you have to take responsibility and be really motivated.

Very often people gain weight on the principle of "all or nothing", when transferred to the severity of the weaknesses.To lose weight, you need to pereusvoit this a

pproach: either go for it wholeheartedly, or do nothing.That is, you must strictly put an end to the confrontation: alcohol or Dukan Diet.Between the two extremes, you slow down your metabolism, your results and motivation - and you will lose the battle.Never forget that the right to follow the diet only lasts a few months, and it is so small compared to all the benefits of a diet that will bring it to you.

Pierre Ducane

Alcohol in the Dukan Diet

Drinking alcohol when you are dieting, you will not interfere with the motivation to achieve results, so their reception is not allowed.In general, the Dukan Diet and alcohol - are incompatible.

However, the alcohol can be used in the preparation because it is vaporized upon heating during cooking.

for sauces, a part of which is low in fat, alcohol is a great way to add flavor.

When cooking wine is permitted during phase Cruise to 3 tablespoons a day if you cook without a lid.That is, the Dukan Diet and alcohol can nevertheless be combined, if you try to get rid of the alcohol in it.