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Popcorn: harm and benefit to the organism

Popcorn: harm and benefit to the organism already impossible to imagine the entertainment in the theater, the circus or the park without a standard or even a large portion of popcorn.It is always great as a snack to fizzy drinks.There are many varieties of food additives to popcorn.He is :

  • caramel,
  • vanilla,
  • chocolate,
  • lemon,
  • salty with cheese or bacon,
  • oil.

corn with caramel reminds us of the carefree childhood and fun times.But what is its caloric value and how much damage it can bring to our body?

How and what do the popcorn?

popcorn pretty easy and not labor, it can be done even at home.Therefore, its production is so prevalent.However, for the cooking process requires specific varieties of corn.They are not genetically modified, but only obtained through breeding.This corn is grown both abroad and here.
process of cooking this delicacy is based on the fact that every grain of corn is a small drop of water.When exposed to heat the water turns to steam, and because of the increasing pressure of hard seed shell explodes, rev

ealing the soft starch middle.To get different flavors to the popcorn, appropriate components are added to the oil.

Popcorn: harm and benefit to the organism

Harm and benefits

Popcorn popcorn - this popcorn.So, it is rich in fiber and the body brings undoubted benefits, lowering blood sugar levels, and establishing mechanisms of the digestive system.Yet it contains polyphenols - antioxidant active substances that favorably affect the skin, resist many diseases and prolong our lives.This sweet treat also includes a large number of carbohydrates, potassium and B vitamins needed for good nutrition.

Popcorn has a fairly low calorie (per serving contains only 75 calories).

It is very important for people who want to lose weight.Saturation popcorn is fast (due to the high energy value), as well as its withdrawal from the body.
But harmful additives to popcorn and oil may make it less useful and increase calorie, so you should be careful with the amount, as well as beverages, which are so often bought with delicacy.Frequent consumption of these products can lead to edema, obesity and diabetes.

Popcorn: harm and benefit to the organism

In fact, the greatest harm can bring the process of cooking popcorn.When heated, fillers of them are special substances formed from diatsitila.They enter the body through the respiratory system and can lead to pulmonary fibrosis.
Of all the currently popular snacks and sweets, such as chips, crackers, salted nuts, popcorn is probably the safest.But do not forget that all things in moderation, especially for the emerging child's body, so it is strictly controlled, how many grams of popcorn eat you or your child.