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How useful a salmon: all the secrets of the red fish

How useful a salmon: all the secrets of the red fish Beautiful red salmon steak will adorn any meal.This nourishing, nutritious and tender fish.But not only its taste qualities are important to us.In the first place we choose for its beneficial properties.

What kind of fish?

salmon - one of the most famous representatives of the salmon family.Most of its delicious red varieties known throughout the world - is, of course, Norwegian.
The representative of salmon - a unique product that combines and lightness and a delicate flavor, and a host of nutrients that have beneficial effects on many systems of the body:

  • mineral compounds of potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, sodium;
  • fatty amino acids;
  • phosphorus;
  • vitamins A, C, E, PP, B12, D

How useful a salmon: all the secrets of the red fish

This salmon does not contain carbohydrates, but fat and protein contained in its fillet 15 and 20protsentov.This provides a fairly high calorie - 219 kcal per 100 g fish.

If you decide to lose weight with the introduction of the power of this variety of fish, cook it properly - steamed, grilled, bake

d in the oven in foil.

Harm and benefits of salmon

large set of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and lack of predominance of the protein component provides the beneficial properties of this product:

  1. This fish is a rich source of useful substances such as Omega-3.A sufficient amount of it in the body reduces the level of cholesterol, cleans the blood vessels and strengthens them.Also, omega-3 has beneficial effects on brain function.
  2. This is a good prophylactic against cancer.
  3. salmon helps reduce the risk of developing hypertension and normalizes heart function.
  4. Gynecological problems are also retreating, if this product is regularly used in food.
  5. Through melatonin occurs cell rejuvenation, and this means that our health improves, the skin gets a healthy tone.
  6. Those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to consume the product instead of other kinds of fish and meat, which are absorbed much worse.

However, you need to carefully approach the choice of the fish.If it was grown in artificial conditions, its power can be included antibiotics.The product is in the form of salt in large quantities is harmful to those who suffer from excess weight.Carefully need to have a product for pregnant and nursing - a child can develop an allergic reaction.

How useful a salmon: all the secrets of the red fish

Salmon and slimming

In many diets is the salmon is one of the major components.In favor dietichnosti Salmon says large amounts of the protein component and the carbohydrate content of zero.In addition, omega-3 is also conducive to weight loss.
But it is not necessary to get involved: in large quantities and inappropriate preparation it can only add to you kilograms.For example, if you overeat salted steak, you risk not to see the cherished numbers on the scales.Sytnosti the product allows it to consume even less than 100 grams per day, providing themselves with the large number of necessary minerals and trace elements.Do not lubricate the product is harmful sauces, such as mayonnaise: just lightly salt and season with herbs.