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Losing weight with water

Slimming with water

Losing weight with water

German physiologist, Du Bois Reymond once remarked that "man - is animated by the water."And it is no coincidence, two-thirds of the human body consists of water.And the brain - even at 80%.

Water is the primary medium, as well as a participant of countless reactions underlying life.All metabolic processes in the body take place only with the participation of water, so to live without it, people can just a few days.

daily human need for water

It depends on the characteristics of the organism, weight, physical activity ... According to scientists, the rate of water consumption per day for an adult - 40 ml per kilogram of body weight.This takes into account all of the water entering the body per day, including that contained in foods and other drinks.

How many need to drink water to lose weight?

Renowned nutritionist recommends Margarita Koroleva so expect the amount of water to drink per day: For every 450 grams of weight but daily drinking not less than 14 grams of wa


How many need to drink water to lose weight?

For example, you weigh 80 kg.80 divided by 450 and multiply by 14. It turns out - at least 2.5 liters of water a day.If we want to lose weight, you have to add another 500 ml.That is, in this example, will have to drink a day to 3 liters of water, provided that there are no contraindications.If

drink plenty of fluids can normalize blood pressure, blood cholesterol level.
The more salt you eat, the more water needed by the body for its dissolution.

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important whether the water to lose weight?

for biochemical processing of fats in the body needs water.Only water-saturated cells can dissolve fats.Water is necessary to remove any impurities from the body.This is especially significant for weight loss.

If during a strict diet you experience weakness, headaches, appears in a bad mood or apathy is likely the body lacks minerals (typically magnesium, calcium, zinc, iodine, iron), try to drink mineral water, this may solve the problem.

Is water for weight loss?

on intense weight loss is often a sagging skin, but if drinking enough water - the skin is elastic.
body, thirsty, sends signals that we are often mistaken for hunger signals.We eat and unnecessary body substances are deposited in our body.

to drink a day your rate, make sure that you have on the table a prominent was always full bottle with pure water - sip from it in small sips, and you do not notice how accustomed to consume enough fluids!

How to drink water to lose weight?

  • If you want a snack - drink one glass.
  • the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water.
  • before eating (at least 20 minutes), drink a glass of water.Drinking the
  • during meals and immediately after it indirectly leads to the deposition of fat.

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