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Wonder herb hellebore treatment and slimming

Frost Caucasus as a means for weight loss Frost - a plant often found in ornamental plantings.There are many species of plants and Caucasian hellebore - only one of them.In nature, it is quite common in the Caucasus, the Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory.And it was he among the hellebore is famous for its healing properties.And yet, hellebore - "herb for weight loss» - it often are called.What is the secret of this plant and how to use it properly?Try to understand.

Hellebore Caucasian: properties and applications

begin with, that the hellebore - the plant is poisonous.This should not be forgotten!Especially when we are taking it as a medicine.What also helps fight ailments this plant?Its aim is "number one" - slag: it actively removes them from the body.Those who take the drug on the basis of his claim: improving overall health comes after a couple of weeks.It is important in this period of severe abuse food and salt.In addition hellebore:

  1. Normalizes salt metabolism.
  2. is an effective anthelmintic.
  3. Painless displays excess bile.
  4. Effective joint diseases - the symptoms almost completely disappear in one or two months.
  5. downward pressure.Hypertension speak about it very positively.
  6. way to permanently get rid of chronic headaches.
  7. Due to improvement of the whole body, good for the nervous system.The person becomes more balanced, increases self-esteem, performance and mood.

Last time often say people who use hellebore for weight loss.And it is - a separate issue.
Frost Caucasus as a means for weight loss

hellebore for weight loss: reviews of social networks

most commonly used for medicinal purposes hellebore root, ground to a powder.It is in this form that the product is used and when it comes to losing weight.All that is required from who wants to lose weight - it does not forget to drink a powder every day.He's a bit nasty, but for pretty shapes can bear.There are reviews that are marked, and other unpleasant moments associated with the intake of powder of hellebore, for example, diarrhea or excessive sweating.But the side effects usually pass quickly, it is necessary only for a while to reduce the dosage.But the result of such a diet - can not fail to please.But note that extra weight gradually cleared.The full course is for one year and one month.As a result, we get a beautiful figure without saggy skin and signs of exhaustion, as often happens with a sharp decrease in weight.
Frost Caucasus as a means for weight loss

How to drink hellebore for weight loss?

Let's see how to make this tool correctly.
powder of hellebore should be filled with water and leave overnight.In the morning, as soon as the woke up, we drink this infusion.Dosage following:

  • 1-10 day - 50 mg each morning.
  • 11-20 hours - the dose is increased to 100 mg.
  • 21-30 days - 150 mg.
  • 31 days and 5 months - 200 mg.
  • 7th month: take a break.
  • 8th month - the first 5 days: 50 mg.
  • 6-10 day - 100 mg.
  • 11-15 days - 150 mg.
  • 16 hours and 5 and a half months: 200 mg.

principle of weight loss is that the hellebore has a strong leading out actions.Accordingly, together with the slag and excess weight is lost and nutrients.Therefore, during the whole course of weight loss it is recommended to take drugs that enrich the body with minerals and vitamins.So it is necessary to drink plenty of liquids.
Frost Caucasus as a means for weight loss
Many believe that they are so full that the usual dosage is too small for them.Therefore, for greater effect, take plenty of powder or pour on the eye.Remember, hellebore for such maneuvers are not allowed!You must strictly adhere to the instructions.And in general, the dose more than 200 mg a day - can be fraught with serious health problems.

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