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Habits that prevent lose weight

Everyone knows that to lose weight is very simple, just eat fewer calories than raskhoduesh.Often we eat more calories because of the "wrong" habits.

all starts with the family.
mother or grandmother who believe that the best way to demonstrate their love for the members of the household - tasty and high-calorie feed, sincerely believe in the correctness of his lifestyle.If a child, a little grown up, starts talking about some diets, it is often perceived as "nonsense", which can simply be ignored.As a result, we have little choice: once again overeat or hurt a loved one.But there is another way, we should not talk about diets with someone who they are not accepted, it is better just explain that you are not hungry.

If you are ready and want to feed their families is not only tasty, but also useful for more use vegetables, grains, fish, lean meat.The cookies or cakes, you can add oat or rye flour, these foods are rich in fiber and nutrients.
Keep vitamins when cooking.

If you aspire to get on wi

th life as many pleasure , while the main way of getting to you was the food, try to find something else.

First, let's realize that the result is a broken figure and health problems.

Walking with friends, fitness, sauna and SPA.

If physical education is also produced by the hormones of joy.

And after exercise, you can visit the cafe together, having the pleasure of a cup of coffee or tea with ice cream.
Find a hobby, it can be any activity, the main condition - getting pleasure from it as much as to eat.

Note to parents:
food addiction can be formed even in infancy, if you give your child foods with artificial flavor enhancers (including sugar).In later life, try to encourage the child sweets.

Your main concern - save ?You can not pass up a box of chocolates at half price, or instead of the 1st box buy 2, even if the 2nd you do not need?

According to research nutritionists usually put on sale products are high in fat and sugar.

Think about whether you need such savings, which will inevitably be reflected on your figure.But then you may have to also change clothes, that is, saving not turn.But fruits, vegetables, cereals, and it is possible to buy in bulk.

If you notice too much of a sweet tooth - the best way is not to keep the house candies, biscuits ...
If this is not possible, remove them as far as possible (on the top shelf).And next to him on the kitchen table and put a bowl of berries or fruits, dried fruits.
not keep candy and cookies in his desk in the office.

If you belong to those who are constantly going to start a diet tomorrow .Try to analyze your life, think of how many times you've given yourself a promise like that, but there comes tomorrow and you were invited to a party, or you urgently needed to seize the daily stresses of cake.

Just start small, but today.Eat pizza at a party less than before.Treat yourself in the evening to set the mood banana or strawberry.Gradually enter in your diet healthy foods and give up those calories are nothing but the body will not give.

Note: How to reduce the absorption of "harmful" food

If you - ardent advocate of dietary .Choose in-store only low-fat and low-carbohydrate products, sincerely believing advertisements that constantly explains that this is the healthiest food.Do not forget that there are calories in all products.A study researchers suggest that those who choose such products, eat more as a result.

And, for example, dairy fats (if consumed in moderation) are not stored as extra kilos, but rather speed up the metabolism and helps the absorption of vitamins.

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