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Ekaterina Andreeva: My beauty secret is very simple

Ekaterina Andreeva: My beauty secret is very simple known news presenter of the Channel, as you can see, looks much younger than his "passport" age.Not long ago, Catherine decided to reveal the secrets of their irresistible appearance to one of Russian publications.Leading talked about three important rules to which it adheres to many years: first, it is the right schedule.Second, constant training - sports.And thirdly, what is important: a positive cheerful attitude every day.

Sport who once chose Andreyev called Taichi - the ancient Chinese military exercises, followed by breathing exercises."We need to be able to breathe properly, as it affects the entire power of the person" - Kate notices.Classes in Tai Chi Chuan are held 3 times a week, just over an hour each.In the evening, Catherine practicing yoga with his family.

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