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Daughter Katya Lel feeds exclusively correctly

Daughter Katya Lel feeds exclusively correctly On Tuesday 17 September the singer Katya Lel held a master class in cooking food in a culinary establishments of the Russian capital.All evening Katya was assistant chef and very willingly told visiting journalists and participants in workshops about their recipes, including those related to health and beauty.Singer, above all, began to talk about healthy eating: her daughter Emily, who is now 4 years old, do not eat sweets and various junk food like chips or crackers, as well as her mother.

Lel forbids his daughter to eat high-calorie foods harmful."I always tell her that it is better to add a tea honey rather than sugar, and even at all without the sweet tea," - said in an interview with Katya.Her daughter will be seen soon in the new video for the singer's "Sun of love."Katia happy that Emily has stood the shooting and was not capricious.

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