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Masha Malinovskaya risk of developing anorexia

Masha Malinovskaya risk of developing anorexia Fans scandalous TV star Masha Malinovskaya are sounding the alarm: the last fresh pictures that Masha load in the network, it is clear that the beauty was very thin.Recently, after a shopping spree, TV presenter decided to share with his fans a new self-portrait, but instead of the enthusiastic comments received mixed views about their appearance.

«Masha, changed his mind!You got all the signs of anorexia! "- Replete with such statements Malinowska personal page on the web.Almost all subscribers Masha agree that the star is clearly overdone with diets.It should be noted that the comments did not wear provocative - on the contrary, fans of TV stars are worried about their idol and want to see Mary not only beautiful, but completely healthy.Do Malinovskaya listen to the words of his fans - as long as the issue remains open.

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