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Guilt may add weight

Guilt may add weight unpleasant feeling of guilt and negative memories make people in mind to increase the weight of his body.So say scientists-researchers, whose works have recently been published in the foreign edition of PLoS ONE.No wonder guilt is often compared to a kind of "burden on the conscience."Martin Day and Ramon Bobosel - Scientists from the US and Canada - have decided to see how true this metaphor, and spent a few special experiments.

were invited volunteers were divided into several groups: some people were asked to remember only the good in their lives, others less fortunate: they were thinking about all the bad past events.Then, all participants had to estimate the weight of the 11-point scale.The experimental results are as follows: people are reminded of the bad moments in life, unwittingly add to his extra weight, despite the fact that their weight was normal.But the scientists do not want to stop, and then continue the experiments and tests to understand the true nature of guilt.

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