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Stress may lead to a slower metabolism

Stress may lead to a slower metabolism Experts from the American public university located in Ohio, found that even one severe stress, not to mention the number of such events in a person's life can significantly slow down the metabolic processes in his body, provided that the diet will containa considerable amount of fat.The result is that such a person is at risk of being complete.

In a special study involved about 60 women, whose age averaged 53-55 years.Each participant spoke about their emotional experiences that have occurred in recent days: it could be as family quarrels and squabbles at work, lack of understanding from friends or trouble with their children and grandchildren.Furthermore, for reasons of clarity diet all women included 60 grams of fat and about 1,000 calories.

became clear that those ladies who are the most nervous, a lot less calories burned for several days and had a relatively high percentage of insulin.The researchers concluded that the combination of stress and fatty foods in the diet is very dangerous, becau

sea man not only adds weight but also increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

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