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American scientists, "brown fat helps to lose weight"

American scientists, "brown fat helps to lose weight" has long been aware of the existence of a special type of adipose tissue - brown fat, which, unlike the white is extremely useful to humans.White adipose tissue is the main cause of overweight.Brown fat is a kind typically produced in small quantities by man.Researchers from the university complex medotdeleniya Texas (Galveston) were able to prove fully that brown fat is really useful stuff for people.

In addition, it helps to lose weight, brown substance improves digestion and regulates blood sugar levels, preventing diseases like diabetes.In a special experiment, scientists from Galveston attended by men, some of whom had high levels of this type of fat, while others accordingly low.All participants spent several hours in a cool room, then the researchers analyzed the changes in the level of insulin and glucose in the blood of men.

found that a light cold has beneficial effects on brown fat in whatever amount it may present in the human body.In turn, this fat begins to rapidly burn calories in th

e body.Scientists hope that on the basis of the conclusions you can create effective drugs for weight loss.

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