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Eating yogurt with probiotics protect you from obesity

Eating yogurt with probiotics protect you from obesity American scientists (Vanderbilt University) argue that if you regularly eat yogurt containing probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria, so it can greatly reduce the risk of obesity.The researchers conducted experiments on rodents and found that mice who consumed fatty high-calorie food, and water, which contained probiotics practically gained weight and had a very low susceptibility to diabetes.

Experts from Vanderbilt University also concluded that the protective effect of a probiotic is able to persist for months if you stop drinking water with beneficial bacteria.In addition, through 3-3.5 months rodents have a relatively low weight as before.

Scientists hope that probiotics can help in the fight against obesity, diabetes and diseases of the blood vessels and the heart.Previously, it was shown that these substances help to people with a variety of chronic diseases.

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