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Scientists: 'Eat fruits and vegetables should be in moderation "

Scientists: According to scientists from the London College, located at the University, any daily intake of fruits and vegetables helps reduce the risk of cancer, and it is worth noting that it is about 5-7 servings daily.If you eat fruits and vegetables in a much larger number, the risk of cancer will not be further reduced.

This conclusion was derived from the results of more than a dozen different research programs.They were attended by about 800 thousand people from the United States and China.Experts say that the frequent meals consisting of fruit and vegetable fruits, berries and greens, you can generally reduce the risk of premature death by five percent, and 4% to reduce the risk of vascular disease and heart.

However, if you eat in a day more than five fruits and vegetables, the benefits of which will remain unchanged.Because, according to scientists, it is enough to eat every day at 5 vegetables and fruits as much fruit as it already contributes to better health.