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Diet may be a threat to the woman's mental health

Diet may be a threat to the woman Scientists from the United States, studying the different types of diets, as well as medical records of many of the fairer sex, found that women who frequently change various types of dietary diet, wanting to as quickly as possible to throw off excess weight, may be exposed to harmful disordersdifferent physical and mental diseases.

dozen years, US experts carefully analyze health data more than 1,300 girls and women.It is known that a small fraction participating observation started its "road diet" almost from the cradle - from the age of 3-5 years!Most steel diet after being enrolled in college or university.The results of a long scientific research suggests that diets do not always go in the favor of women.

researchers concluded that, firstly, it is undesirable to sit on a diet from an early age, because in the future, the effects of 8-10 years through diet can make itself felt in the form of serious mental illness.Secondly, the most important thing to make a bet - it's a constant physical activ

ity and healthy nutrition.Rather than exhaust your body and mind another exotic diet, it is better to reduce the calorie content of your diet, replacing part of the products of vegetables, fruits and berries.

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