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Does the removal of the tonsils to the emergence of excess weight?

Does the removal of the tonsils to the emergence of excess weight Tonsillectomy, referred to in medicine as tonzilloektomiya usually carried out in order to deliver the children of the state of sleep apnea (apnea for a feature is to stop breathing, at least 10 seconds).Recently, scientists have found that tonzilloektomiya possibly leads to a set of overweight, particularly if a child has a predisposition to obesity.

Remarkably, the excess kilograms can be one of the main causes of sleep apnea.However, scientific researchers did not call to abandon tonsillectomy in children, if it is necessary - most importantly, according to scientists, to observe the correct diet and physical activity to control children.We know that sometimes tonzilloektomiya - the only sure way to save the child from the delay of breathing during sleep.Usually the causes of sleep apnea are associated with swelling of the tonsils.

While scientists have only assumption about the relationship tonsillectomy with overweight, when a child has problems with sleep apnea, it usually is inactive lifesty

le and is not inclined to eat fatty or sugary foods.After the removal of the tonsils he abruptly switches to high-calorie food, which leads to excess weight.

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