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Michael Mosley: "Sports activities do not reduce weight and improve mood"

Scientists: "Sports activities do not reduce weight and improve mood" famous dietitian, author of Diet 5: 2 and an expert in the field of healthy nutrition, Michael Mosley said recently that the classes in the gym, as well as any other gym does not help get rid of excess weight.In addition, Mosley is confident that the gym is useless and to combat depression or low mood.

«It's all a myth, - says doctor - we have long been told that physical activity - it superantidepressant and fat burner, but it is the wrong point of view.Sport, moreover, that will not help you improve your mood, but also increase body weight. "Then Michael Mosley explains the psychology of the average person is arranged in such a way that after the gym almost everyone wants to "reward" themselves after a workout with something tasty.Most often it is high-calorie food, not the fruit or berries.

«And do not forget about the genetics!Not everyone who goes to the gym, exercise can help, because some people is extremely difficult to lose weight because of the specific set of genes.As for the bad mood is

improving, it is usually because of exposure to fresh air, "- says nutritionist.

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