Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise hand: fighting the problem areas

Exercise hand: fighting the problem areas with age or as a result of malnutrition and lack of regular physical exertion muscles of female hands become flabby or acquire excessive Zhirkov, this problem is easily solved by simple but effective exercises for the hands of women, the only condition - the lessons have become regular.

All exercises should begin with a simple, but always warm-up:

1. While standing straight and placing his hands on her waist, start by turning to: time - turn to the right, throwing hand in hand, two - the starting position, the three - turnleft, spreading his hands apart, four - starting position.

2. Stand straight and carry out a wide swings his hands in a circle, first move forward, and then back - shoulders remain in place.Exercise repeat 8-10 times.

most simple exercises for hands

1. Pick up a light dumbbell (1-2 kg).Stand with your feet in the classic position - shoulder-width apart and start to slowly raise outstretched arms to the sides to shoulder level, and then slowly lower.

2. Lie on the floor,

on his stomach and arms stretched forward and took the lighter dumbbells, start slowly raise arms to the sides, then slowly return to their original position.

These exercises with hand weights should be repeated at least 15 times.

3. To versatile exercises include push-ups, which are perfectly tighten muscles of the arms and chest.Take the stress "lying" and slowly start to fall on the middle of the road to make a brief stop and fall.

also slowly lifting to do, fixing the middle and starting position exercises.Perform push-ups 10 times, can be in several approaches.

Will perform many exercises for weight loss hand videos of famous fitness trainers.

exercises for hands without dumbbells

1. Miniotzhimaniya.Sit on the mat, legs slightly bent in front of you.Hands on the cams to put a little behind the body and bend the elbows.Body weight is transferred to the hands and push-ups to start up, taking his hips off the floor and back down.Be sure to monitor the movement, do not dump them.Run 10 times.

2. Push-ups from the wall.These exercises are for losing weight and strengthening the hand ideal for untrained young ladies.Need to get up at a certain distance from the wall and put his hands on it - start to bend and unbend the hands, the weight of the body to carry them.

3. Push-ups from the stool.Squat back to the stool, leaning with the arms of the seat.Body weight is transferred to the hands and start ups.Run at least 15 times.

Whatever you choose exercises for the muscles in the arms, they require careful compliance and regularity of, and if possible, and monitor the coach.

Author: Dim Sanych

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