Exercise for Weight Loss

Uprazheniya on fitball: exercises for weight loss

Uprazheniya on fitball: exercises for weight loss Big Ball bright colors is able to deliver great fun and cheer up, as if to add to it a set of gymnastic exercises aimed at losing weight, the result is stunning.It is a Swiss invention - fitball by which your figure becomes an ideal form, posture becomes regal and many diseases waving goodbye.What is required?Just do the exercises regularly on fitball slimming.

Where to start?

As with any training, and exercises with fitball begin with a warm-up.To do this, jump on the rope, dance, march in place or to make elementary circular motion all limbs.Sensing blood flow can begin training on fitball aimed at weight loss.

rise pelvis

fitball Lay on the floor and is located in front of him on the back, and let down your legs on the ball so that the feet do not touch the ball.Begin to raise the pelvis simultaneously drive up the ball to his feet.When it reached the highest point - to linger and slowly return to starting position.In the first exercise you can rely hands on the floor, helping to keep the

balance.Repeat 10-12 times.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the pelvis, hips and spine.

inclination towards

Body position - lying on your back, lift your legs up, feet and legs to clamp fitball, arms fold in sides and stretch the floor.Tilt legs to one side, then to another and return to the starting position.Shoulders should be "nailed" to the floor.Repeat the cycle of 10-12 times.

drill press

Lying on his back, holding gymnastic ball calves, hands, throw back his head.Pull your knees to your stomach (as it turns out), taking a basin on the floor and tighten your abdominal muscles.Repeat 10 times.

Exercises for the triceps

using fitball slimming, toned muscles are all but his hands are not left unattended.Turn around to the back and sit down fitball, comfortable rest against it hands (it is important that the hand from slipping off the ball) and start to squeeze.Do the exercise, you need to slowly and carefully, and thank your triceps perfect shape.

Exercises for buttocks

Take the emphasis lying, and the legs are positioned on the ball as close to the edge.Alternately legs slowly lift up as much as possible and then return to starting position.The result will be elastic buttocks tightened, attracting men's glances.

Exercise Fitness

Lie back on a fitball, arms crossed over his chest, slightly rolling away ago, start to rise.Repeat 10-12 times.

This simple exercise cycle repeated alternately several times, taking a break no more than four minutes, with a time for rest between exercises can be reduced.This allows you to keep fitball exercises your body is always in perfect form.

Author: DimSanych

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