Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercises in the fasting days

Exercises in the fasting days broad understanding of the word "fitness" is the general physical fitness of the organism.For most - a certain improving technique aimed at reducing weight, which includes regular physical exercise, and properly matched system of a healthy diet.

Fasting days are useful and effective in the fight against excess weight, but do not forget that fasting is also considerable stress for the body, so it is not necessary to load its intensive training, but rather to perform simple gymnastic exercises.


As a warm-up, you can jump on the rope, to march in place or just to make the rotational movement of the limbs.As a result, there is the movement of blood and heat in the body, which is ready to perform simple exercises.


Body position: standing - the feet shoulder width apart.The compactness of the palm into the lock and lift your hands up.Getting to perform alternately tilts from side to side, trying to keep the hip remained stationary.Run 10 tilts to each side.


position of the body as in the previous.Hands positioned on the belt.Getting to squat, bending your knees to 90 degrees and fixing endpoints.Exercise should be done slowly, for convenience, you can count 10 seconds, squat, stand up for 10 seconds.Perform 15 squats.


Body position - standing, hands pressed against the sides, feet together.Begins to unfold shoulders and head, trying to look back, never taking his feet off the floor, hips as still as possible.Perform rotations in both directions for 10 times.


Lie on your back, lift legs and bend at the knees.Start spinning imaginary pedal bike.This exercise is usually a pleasure, and it can carry - until you get bored.


Option 1. Lie on a mat on the right side, resting on his bent right arm, the left hand rests on the left thigh.Getting to perform 10 swings leg up.Then flips onto his left side, and perform similarly.

Option 2. kneels, rests in the arms bent at the elbows on the floor and begin alternately lifting the legs back up.For each leg to perform 10 swings.

drill press

1. Lie on your back, your head off the floor and begin to bend, straighten your knees, pulling them to the stomach.Hands on exercises are extended along a trunk and quietly lie on the floor.

2. Exercise is similar to the previous one, only it is necessary to raise the legs without bending, pulling socks inside.

Back exercise

Lie on the floor belly down and start at the same time to lift his head, arms and legs up to the body is curved arc.

All exercises are simple enough, does not require special training and are fully capable to replace the fasting days in a full workout.

Author: DimSanych

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