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How to lose weight in the legs and thighs with the help of the rope

How to lose weight in the legs and thighs with the help of the rope Every woman has their "problem areas", to achieve weight loss that is sometimes very difficult.Agree, we often hear that sat on a diet the girls momentarily disappears chest but ass and legs are not willing to decrease in volume.Of course, no hopeless situations, and now we will talk about how much you can lose weight without straining the legs and thighs.

To achieve the desired effect, you will need only one rope, which is in almost every home.Even if it is not, then the purchase of such a "simulator" will have to spend a very small amount of money.But before embarking on their studies, need to pick up the rope, which is right for you.

How to choose a rope?

many people know about this since high school, but if your memory is clouded, we recall.So, choosing the rope necessary to fold it in half and take the handles, and then pull the rope straight arm forward.If it is only lightly touches the floor - its length is ideal for you.If it lies on the floor, or does not concern him at all, then you need

to pick up another.

How to jump on the rope?

while jumping elbows should fit snugly to the body, you need to rotate the rope only brushes.The back should be straight, and on foot is best to wear shoes.

How to lose weight with a rope?

Why rope is best for slimming the legs and thighs?The answer is obvious, because while jumping involving these parts of the body.

start best with light hops within 5 minutes, no more.If you ride on two legs is hard for you, try to alternate landing on each leg.Daily load can be increased (by an average of 1 minute), as the body begins to adapt better to take lessons.The main thing is not to strain strongly and jump as far as possible, because the main thing in these sessions is not the duration of the load, and it is constant.Spend a few minutes a day jumping, and after only 2 weeks notice the result!

Maximum hops should not exceed one hour.The best thing this time divided into 4 sets of 15 minutes.Break no more than 5 minutes.At the same calories will be lost significantly more intense than jogging.And besides, it is not always possible to go for a run, and it needs to find a place, and the weather should be appropriate, but with a rope you can jump in any weather and at any time of the year.

Author: DimSanych

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