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Interval training for fat burning home

Interval training for fat burning home few decades ago, training with alternating high-intensity and low-intensity exercise was familiar mostly professional athletes.This method allows for short burn time, the maximum amount of fat, muscle raised ramp (depending on the type of exercise) and thus to save time.

Today interval training to burn fat has gained enormous popularity among fitness devotees.One of its advantages is that it does not necessarily go to the gym, brief training can be done at home.

main provisions for interval training

Habitual exercise: running, sit-ups, jumping, push-ups and many others performed at a fast pace and alternate short-lived respite.By choosing for themselves interval training for weight loss, they need to follow the basic principles and rules:

- the first step should be a visit to a cardiologist to identify heart disease as the exercises are based on the increase in heart rate;
- like any other exercise, this, too, begins with the obligatory warm-up;
- load duration should be increased gradually sta

rting from 2 minutes to 12;
- interval training method involves Vacation same time period, as well as for the exercise;
- while resting heart rate should not fall below 50% of the maximum for which a respite is slow squats and jogging;
- it is not necessary to increase the intensity of loads of more than 10% per week;
- optimal amount of exercise per week - two;
- for one workout is done from 5 to 10 sets.

interval training program

single set of exercises to perform at home in this method does not exist, it is enough to choose for themselves about 4-5 exercises and perform them in an intense pace, one after another without interruption.For example: 15 sit-ups, push-ups 15, lunges - 15 on each leg, then 15 twists to the press.

break, during which go on an easy step or running on the spot, then intensive tempo exercises repeating circle.Starting with 5 "circles" with time their number increases as the speed of the exercise.For classes need to have a stopwatch, to be able to closely follow the time intervals and count pulse.

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Dr. Izumi Tabat and protocol

Nearly two decades ago, in 1996, a Japanese doctor Tabat and a group of researchers of the Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo have developed a unique method of interval training, called Protocol, whichat the same time is able to give a double burden - anaerobic and aerobic.

original Tabata interval training are painted in seconds and lasts only 4 minutes.You must select one exercise aimed at any group of muscles (sit-ups, push-ups, curl the press, etc.) and is carried out at: 20 seconds - work, 10 seconds rest.Thus for 20 seconds is necessary to perform at least 20-25 action.There should be performed 8 sets, that is declared for 4 minutes.

This tough interval workout program is a success, like the fighters of various types of martial arts, as well as those willing to actively and effectively get rid of excess fat, while strengthening the cardiovascular system, increasing stamina and getting a great figure and beautiful muscles.

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