Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for weight loss in the pool

Exercise for weight loss in the pool exercises in the water for the swimming pool - a combination of aerobic and power load, which has a very high efficiency and excellent for weight loss.Catching, has to overcome the resistance of the water, but it almost does not feel tired, and why exercise can be performed for a long time.

main rules of weight loss in the pool

- The ideal temperature for classes to lose weight - from 24 to 30 degrees.When the water is too cool, the fat in the body is badly burned.

- need to be engaged at least twice a week.It is important to know that the exercises in water more effective for weight loss in the case of alternating exercises and different styles of sailing.The duration of such a complex should be at least 1 hour.

- The pool is useful to do breathing exercises.To do this, drop the person into the water, after typing in the lungs the maximum possible amount of air.Slowly exhale take a breath, staying under water.

- Good action on all problem areas for women - the muscles of the abdomen, legs, hip

s and back - is swimming without arms.Holding a ball or a board, make every effort to move by kicking on the surface of the water.

- for finding harmony in the water useful children's games - lift up the spray arms or legs - so you strengthen the relevant muscles.

- Do anti-cellulite massage in water.It runs like this: Fold your hands together and spend a force near the surface of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

In addition, to obtain good results, observe the principles of healthy eating.

Select the style of swimming for weight loss

exercises will be more effective for weight loss with the alternation in their swimming pool.Due to swim in different styles, it is possible to work out different muscle groups without overloading the heart muscle.

Extra bonus - by changing the intensity of the load in the body significantly activates the fat burning process.

Style, which is the most difficult to perform, but the most effective - butterfly.Swim so no more than 6 minutes and go to a quiet style.

example, "crawl" - so you can swim 20 or even 30 minutes.

also include calm and swimming "breaststroke" - it is smaller than other influences on weight loss, but are effectively worked muscle groups of the body.

best exercise for weight loss, running in the pool

kicks.Stand in water up to his neck and stretch your arms forward, right leg reach for his hand, holding the leg straight.Do 10 times on each leg.

Reduction and breeding hands.Perform this exercise develops the muscles of the arms.Standing up to his neck in water and keeping knees bent legs spread, dilute the direct hand in hand and make a paddling motion with his hands.It should perform 3 sets of 10 times.

¬ęBallerina".Through this exercise trains the back muscles and posture.The water should reach shoulder height.Keep your back straight and bending the knee, pull it to the pope, put your hands on the belt and lean from side to side for about 5 minutes.

Running on the spot.This exercise involved thighs and buttocks.Standing in water up to his neck, a good draw in the pelvis (must tighten the buttocks), bend your knees at a time and tap heels buttocks.Stay on the water should be at the expense of hands - carried out 10 times.

Chagall, standing in water up to his neck and pulling her knees as high as possible - about 20 minutes.

Press and thin waist.Lying on his back, spread to the side of the hand, and palm lower down.Exhaling, pull the bent knees to his chest, and breath, return to the starting position.Then tighten the legs one by one to the right and left shoulder.All you need to do about 15 repetitions.

Mixing and dilution of the legs promotes weight loss of the body.As to his neck in water, dilute to the side arms and legs.At the same time discouraged and plant his feet, changing the direction of the hands (the edge up and down).Do 15 repetitions, keeping straight while back.

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