Exercise for Weight Loss

What is more effective set of exercises for weight loss: the power or cardio

What is more effective set of exercises for weight loss: the power or cardio What kind of physical activities to choose for training depends on many factors, primarily on the goals.Each power and cardio workouts have their own specific character, situation and the effect on certain organs.Today, many are aiming to lose weight with the help of special training, but first you need to understand what kind of exercises will give the greatest results.

power or cardio exercise program - what is the difference

Strength training - courses with free weights, which include dumbbells, barbells, the gym or with its own weight.

This is exactly the kind of training that is able to change the shape of the body.Muscles (with the fat) give the body the kind that one sees in the mirror.Thus, it is necessary to build muscle and lose fat, the body has taken the desired shape.

Cardio workout is sometimes called aerobic, which literally means "in the presence of air," which indicates the kind of rhythmic activity, which allows to increase the heart rate by ten or twenty minutes.To ac

hieve this effect, as you can with the help of special equipment, and without it.Ideal for cardio workouts are suitable stationary bike or rowing machine.

For those who suffer from excess weight and has a healthy joints, a good cardio workout will be the normal running.

complex power exercises for weight loss

for back muscles. Put your left hand on one end of the bench, his left knee on the other.The right leg should be slightly bent at the knees and take a dumbbell in your right hand.Tighten the dumbbell straight arm still up and back.When the blades are attached, bend the arm at the elbow and raise the dumbbell to the belt.Then slowly return to starting position and repeat.After a rest and change hands.

important. throughout the exercise to keep your back is almost parallel to the floor.

for pectoral muscles. Lie on a horizontal bench and pick up a dumbbell.Position the dumbbells to the sides of the body at shoulder level, palms forward by itself.Squeeze the dumbbell up are converging, lifting dumbbells above the chest (not on the stomach or the head).Slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position until your elbows will not fall below the level of the bench.

important. during home workouts, for safety it is best to always use dumbbells instead of the bar.

for abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and connect.Put your hands behind your head.We need to focus on reducing abdominal muscles before the start of the movement.Straining abdominal muscles, pull your shoulders off the floor and curl forward, bringing the shoulders to the pelvis.In no case can not be separated from the floor lower back, should just move your shoulders and upper back near the shoulder blades.Twist.stay at the top and a second return slowly to the initial position.

important. Do not try to climb up completely.If you want to complicate the exercise, you can straighten your hands behind your head.

Cardio exercise on rowing machine

In the first phase of the movement to keep the back straight, look straight ahead, keep your hands straight.Tighten handrails to himself, slowly straightening your knees.At the time of the return phase of the movement of the arm should be straightened before bend your knees.

important. must be remembered that the return phase is only a preparation for the next stroke.It is best to set your own pace: two accounts on the refund, by one stroke on.

Practice shows that the best way to stay in the best shape - is to combine cardio and strength training.We need to develop a special training strategy that will allow progress to continue to keep until the goal is reached.

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