Exercise for Weight Loss

The exercises for the hips, or how to remove cellulite

The exercises for the hips, or how to remove cellulite Cellulite occurs not only because of the power problems and caused it not only overweight.An important role is played here, and a sedentary lifestyle and insufficient muscle.All this leads to circulatory deterioration.Here and there are stagnant processes that result take the form of "orange peel".That is why sometimes we see in slim girl cellulite.

good news that make the skin smooth and slender legs back is not too difficult: it is necessary to regularly perform special exercises.And if you interfere with orange peel on his feet, then get rid of it can be regularly doing effective exercises for the hips.You can, of course, going to the gym, you can go to beauty salons, but with such a task it is possible to cope with low-cost houses, that is their own.

There is one condition.Remove cellulite at home is possible, if you do the exercises regularly.No one is saying that you need to swing your feet for hours, annoying her husband, children and scaring the cat Muska.Perform the exercises you need 20-3

0 minutes.This is enough.

Exercises for thighs

Root Complex need to warm up.Simple exercises prepare the muscles and joints to more serious stress.

Stand erect, slowly tilt back straight down the body (breath), rise up (inhale).Oddly enough, this exercise is warming up, not only back, but also the buttocks (also do not interfere to remove extra centimeters) and the back of the thigh, popliteal muscle and tendon.Repeating the slope times 20, proceed to the next exercise.

Now twist the pelvis to the right 20 times, and the same to the left.Kneads muscles waist, buttocks and legs.Feet about shoulder width apart.Heels are not torn off.Squat with a small amplitude.In this exercise, the buttocks are drawn back as if sitting down on a small stool that stands behind.The heels on the floor.Again, in the buttocks and leg muscles.

It's time to load more seriously.It starts the main unit.Muscles and joints are warmed up, it's time to do effective exercises for the hips:

Lunges forward.Alternately 10-20 times to the right, then the left leg.

for the next exercise needs support.You can take the chair.Become sideways, his hand on the back.Mahi back and forth, turning, repeat with the other leg.Stand facing the back, hold on with both hands.Mahi in hand first 10-20 times, right, then left foot.

Do not neglect any part of the complex, but do as much reps as you can.Do not overdo it at first.Load is increased gradually.Nothing good or pleasant to muscle pain is not.Repeat this exercise as long as you feel a burning sensation in the muscles, then do a few more times and stop.Quite enough.You do not want to have legs like professional dancers.You need to remove cellulite at home, to do hip slim and sleek.

now exercises lying down.You will need a small rug or towel.

Lying on your back, lift your legs up.Socks for themselves.Alternately omit one or the other leg, trying to drop as low as possible, but not allowing bending at the waist.If the deflection occurs, slightly bend your knees.It is easier.

in the same position do the exercise "bike".

legs bend at the knees, feet on the floor.Lift up the buttocks.

Lying on its side and resting his hand, lift the straight leg up.Movement is controlled at all times.Do not drop the leg down and gently lowered.Repeat with the other foot on the other side.

Complete set of exercises you need to stretch all the muscles working.This is necessary so that the muscles recover faster.Also stretch muscles also attaches more attractive elongated shape.These are simple but effective exercises for the hips to help get rid of cellulite.