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Fat burning cocktails at home - recipes

Fat burning cocktails at home - recipes These cocktails are called "fat burning" because they help speed up the metabolism, but also improve the digestive system.Depending on the type - but they are very diverse, for example, green, tropical, kefir, kiwi and lime, celery, spicy, and others - cocktails contain different types of vitamins and indirectly affect a variety of processes in the body.

Cocktails any kind of panacea for weight loss will not, but will help to maintain a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Water for cocktails can take mineral, but in any case not carbonated;fruits and vegetables fresh take;Do not add sugar to the finished drink and yogurt to choose the smallest percentage of fat (optimally - 1%).All spices, if they are present, it is best to buy or procure whole and grind at home, just before the preparation of cocktails.Ready powders and mixtures thereof especially not as effective.

contraindications to their use, except allergy to individual components or a ban on the components due to any chronic disease, no.So

me reviews state that is in power at the time, only to restrict them, but it certainly is a bad piece of advice: a balanced diet, weight loss necessary for competent, can not consist of only one type of food, no matter how good it may be.

fat burning cocktail of kiwi

It is a fresh, summer version with mint and kiwi, sour and thirst-quenching.It is best to drink it in the morning - it is well invigorates.

In order to prepare this cocktail, take:
- 1 kiwi fruit;
- 2 slices of lemon;
- a few sprigs of mint (8 pieces);
- parsley in the same amount (this item is optional but desirable);
- honey to taste (but in any case no sugar);
- water (100 ml.).

Wash, peel and slice kiwi it (you can just cut into several pieces).Put in a blender the pieces, as well as all the remaining ingredients and whisk together.

need to drink immediately after cooking.

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fat burning cocktail of yogurt

Spicy kind of ginger, cinnamon and a pinch of pepper, a good soothing.It is better to eat in the evening, at night or when you want to settle down.

- yogurt (250 ml.);
- cinnamon;
- dry ginger;
- red pepper.

Peremel Spices in a coffee grinder;you should have about half a teaspoon of each species, except for pepper - it really needed a pinch, no more.Whisk all the blender.

If you want to make a sweeter drink, reduce the amount of pepper and increase - cinnamon (for example, to a teaspoon whole).But in principle, it is not too hot.

There is a tropical version of the cocktail on yogurt - for lovers of exotic and absolutely no spices.Beat in a blender with 250 ml of yogurt, a quarter of the purified grapefruit, 4 thick slices of pineapple, 20 g of raw pumpkin seeds and a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil.

fat burning cocktail of celery and apple

celery and green apple refresh and stimulate the intestines and purified.A good choice for a summer morning.

to drink on this recipe take:
- big green apple (peeled and you can take half an apple, if you want to drink a little sour);
- stalks of celery (4 pieces, fleshy);
- lime juice (half of one small fruit);
- 100 ml.Water (cooling);
- ice (optional).

Whisk it all in a blender (preferably in stages - first, apples and celery, then add the juice and water), and chop the ice separately and then add the glass.

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