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How to tighten skin after weight loss: cosmetics, procedures

How to tighten skin after weight loss: cosmetics, procedures Women who are overweight, lose his dream and choose different diets for weight loss.In an effort to say goodbye to excess weight, remember that rapid weight loss does not bring you complete satisfaction.Yes, the extra centimeters in volume are gone, but in their place hangs loose skin, which give the figure is very unsightly.The best way - to lose weight gradually, hunger strikes do not pace yourself, then you will not only slim but toned. But what if the problem of saggy skin after the diet you're already caught?Do not despair, be patient and listen to our advice.

salon procedures

best option correction - salon therapy .The most effective in the fight against sagging skin becomes massage and various wraps.Vacuum massage allows to solve several problems at once: it creates a mechanical activity, mimicking exercise improves blood flow, which allows the skin to regenerate faster and become more resilient.

Massage using vibration ironing and collagen cream also works wonders.If your problem seem

s unsolvable, or return the ideal forms needed in the short term will mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage.During mesotherapy microinjections under the skin to administer the active substances that improve blood circulation and stimulate the lift.In addition, injections themselves carry mechanical impact.If

massage in the salon - inaccessible fun, do it at home.The best technique - plucked.Start by stroking clockwise, then slowly begins to tingle, gradually increasing the tempo.Skin after the massage should be slightly reddened.Apply a moisturizer or her special firming cream.

wrap - another indispensable tool in the fight against sagging skin after weight loss.You can hold them both in the salon and at home.Excellent tones green tea and blue clay and seaweed.3-5 tablespoons of clay (it is sold in a pharmacy), dilute with water or broth herbs, add 2-3 drops of essential oil of orange.Apply the mixture on your skin, wrap film, take cover and lie down for a while.

obertyvniya Massages and must be combined with regular peelings .The magnificent natural scrub - ground coffee.Do not neglect the lotions and creams for the body.Remember, the skin should be in good shape, this will help it douche and rubbing hard sponge.

How to tighten skin after weight loss

And what if, after a long diet became limp and sagging facial skin?Let's start with the most effective methods - Beauty treatments and visits to the surgeon.Cosmetologists offer you a variety of masks, as well as procedures such as lifting and mesotherapy .Plastic surgery - the most radical method of tightening skin after weight loss, it is a resort when other methods of struggle are not working.

Much can be done at home.Care to start peeling the old dead cells from the skin surface. scrub can be made independently or using the store.Excellent invigorate contrasting washing .Try to grind the face of a piece of ice.It will be toning and massage.By the way, instead of plain water can freeze the broth chamomile. Firming Mask based on clay and a special cream complete daily care.

effort to tighten sagging skin after weight loss, do not forget to eat right, to consume enough protein, drink plenty of water.And, of course, sport.Strength training, jogging outdoors - your best assistant.

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