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How to reduce the volume of the calves on their feet

How to reduce the volume of the calves on their feet quickly: exercise videos

It's no secret that losing weight fat is burned is not uniform, but with different zones, and sometimes from the most unexpected, and to remove him in that place, where you want to, you need to work hard.But when it comes to areas of the body such as the calf muscles, you need to use very different methods. fact that the problems with the volumes in the calves can have different reasons: as obesity, and too large load during training.That is why the fight against calves must be deliberate and systematic.

To quickly remove the amount of calves will require not only regular exercise, but quality food properly.Not for nothing are always talking about it, if necessary, burn fat in any part of the body, since it is due to poor eating habits (and it includes irregular, too), the body is constantly stored in fat, putting them "just in case."

Video: exercises to reduce calf

To reduce calf one week, would require regular cardio, that will include a lot of exercise to his feet.If you just work out of eggs

, without paying attention to burn fat throughout the body, it is much result you will not see, but only pump up the calf muscles underneath the fat.

1. Running in this case, goes on tiptoes, thereby developing and operating caviar.Thick calf can be a good "burn" on aerobics, doing fitness on a step platform, rising on tiptoes down the stairs.

2. Excellent burn fat and reduces the amount of jumping rope.Such jumps while doing leg slimmer and pump up muscles, highlighting their beautiful line.Jump is recommended for about 20 minutes on two legs and at least 5 minutes (to start) on each foot separately.

3. Reduce very thick calves can use squats and shoals.The complexity of squats that they need to do on the toes.Legs are brought together, socks look in different directions, the hands can be, for sure, to hold on to his chair or wall.Lift up on tiptoes and throwing knees to the side, squat as deeply as possible.Such plies well coached caviar.

4. kicks stretch the muscles, which is also necessary to obtain the desired result.Holding on to a chair or the wall, lift the straight leg forward, pulled the sock from itself, holding muscle tension.Mahi make sharp movements: forward and backward.It is advisable to do 40-50 reps on each leg.

How to reduce pumped calves

Many athletes and those who play sports on their own "for himself", faced with another problem - to pump calves.Pumped calves appear on the regular stress on the legs and in the allocation of a minimum of time stretching.Despite the fact that "drying" excellent effect on muscle volume figures, it is best ductility is emphasized stretching muscles.That is why professional athletes and coaches after each workout devote some time stretching all the muscles.In this case we are interested in calf - and the results can be seen within a week.

1. Sitting on the floor, lean legs and pinch to socks.Socks need to pull over again to myself and then on my own.Each position should be delayed for half a minute, a minute and breathe deeply as oxygen allows the muscle fibers function better and reach.

2. Standing straight, bend one leg, and the second line will expose a little forward, toe drags on.Lean to the straight leg, holding tight socks.This position is also necessary to stand for at least 30 seconds, and then change legs.

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