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What to thinner arms

What should I do to have grown thin hands exercise videos

Usually about losing weight hand woman thinking already at the last turn when in open blouses and shirts go just ashamed because of sagging muscles and favorite sweater sleeves somehow getting closer.And that - not all the disadvantages associated with weak muscles in the arms, because even the smallest home work will be very tiring, not to mention the games with their children, for example.

What you need to hand lost weight?

Many women carefully avoid any exercise on your hands, which would be linked with dumbbells or barbells.The explanation - unwillingness to have pumped hands, "like a man."But few people think that in order to achieve such results with such reliefs, it is necessary to engage in more than one year, not an hour a day.For example, athletes who have not yet "pumped" biceps and triceps, biceps lift (front part of the arm) 20 kg to 30 times a number of approaches.So we talk about the dumbbells weighing 2 kg modest?They will only be able to tone muscles, and that is exactly what you


course, to get the quality results you need not only hard rock hands on training, but also to carry out a set of common exercises, as well as adhere to proper nutrition, to delicious not come back as fat.Under proper nutrition is meant the exclusion from the diet at least some of the harmful foods such as white bread, sweets, pasta, potatoes, rice.Of course, this can not be done at once, and do not need - if you really want, you can, but quite a bit.And only in conjunction with all of these exercises on his hands quickly will present the expected result.

Video: exercise for weight loss hand

To effectively lose weight in the arms and shoulders in a short time, you need to learn some simple exercises:

1. Squeezing backwards .Exercise is carried out with a chair, a bed, a sofa or armchair.Sitting on a chair, put his feet should be as far forward and his hands rest against the seat on either side of the buttocks.Then you climb on your hands and slowly lower down to the point where elbows draw an angle of 90 degrees.Make exercise should be 30 times in 3 sets.

2. travel bar .It is to lay emphasis, when the hands are well under shoulder, feet flat laid back, abdomen retract, press tense, and the body is stretched straight line.Planck is in itself an effective exercise for the start can stand in this position for 30 seconds - 1 minute, but the effect of complicating the program will be faster.From this position you need to get down on your elbows, do not put on my knees and do not touch the body to the floor.To do this, first gently bend your right hand and put it on the floor and then left.Then, in reverse order, it is necessary to stand up.Make 15 repetitions should be "up and down".

3. Exercise for biceps with dumbbells .We need to stand up straight, tighten abs and buttocks, picking up a dumbbell.It is necessary to pay attention to your elbows tightly against the sides.Then, by the force of the biceps lift the dumbbell to shoulder height and slowly lower down.After completing 3 sets of 30 times, you will feel a burning sensation in the right hands.

4. triceps with dumbbells .Embark need right, picking up the goods.Hands throws back his head, keeping your elbows close to your ears.Elbows have to look up at the ceiling.Power of triceps (back of arms) should lift a load that is behind him, over his head, with elbows to the sides do not get divorced.

also learned what needed training to thinner legs.

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