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Video: how to burn body fat on your stomach

How quickly burn body fat on your stomach at home: video exercises

flat tight stomach - this is really the pride of not only all men, but also women.After all, to get a decoration own figures, it is necessary to work very seriously.

Fat deposits in the abdomen, as in other parts of the body, composed of subcutaneous and visceral (internal) layers.If the second type of fat is reduced by increasing the metabolic processes in the body, then a first resizing affect much easier.

It needs to develop a complex of three individual components of burning belly fat:

  • Healthy Eating;
  • Physical exercise;
  • Cosmetic procedures.

Healthy Eating - is the foundation not only a good figure.A balanced diet - is the key to the normal metabolism, a beautiful body and a good mood.It is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet, do not even have to give up sweets forever.The main thing - to know the measure.From one candy a day, five kilograms no one has gained.

Of course, a healthy diet is not about such "goodies" like chips, soda, hot dogs and other fast food delights.And it is bett

er to forget all the recipes where you need something to fry in a large amount of oil.Anything useful about them.

Menu balanced diet every man for himself chooses, according to his taste and discretion.But there are general guidelines.This five - six meals a day, smaller portion sizes and consumption of large amounts of clean water.

Exercise combined with proper food culture capable of any "pirozhochka" make elastic athletic body.In our case, to deal with the subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area, there are some effective exercises for a beautiful belly, you can do at home.

Video: exercise to burn fat on the abdomen

course, a set of exercises to burn fat every woman chooses their own - but in this video you will find a set of the most useful and effective cardio exercises to help you quickly get rid of the protruding tummy:

Also, in the range of regular training can include the following exercises:

Hoop .It gives an excellent result, especially if the simulator to turn at least 40 minutes a day.Generates beautiful waist line and a flat stomach.

Exercise "Bicycle» .Very effective for the lower press - the most difficult part of the stomach in terms of weight loss.Running this exercise easier: lying on your back, you need to rotate the feet in the air, mimicking the cycling.Better to start with a hundred times on each leg.

Exercise "Raising legs» .Also very effectively to the lower abdomen.From the position of lying on his back lifting straight legs together at an angle of 45 degrees.To complicate a few seconds, you can lock the leg in the up position.

abdominal exercises .There are many variations of this exercise, but the essence is the same.It is necessary to raise the body from a prone position.Very good burned fat from the upper abdomen.

Swimming .It is useful and effective when working on any problem areas.Swimming, by and large, it is necessary for each person to health.It is a pity that not all of the house has a swimming pool.

Cosmetic procedures for rapid and efficient burning of fat on the belly - it wraps, sauna and massage.

Wraps abdomen can be easily done at home.To do this you need only the most that neither is an ordinary food film and an active agent, which would have spread the stomach.Such substances are completely different: the chocolate, and honey, and mustard, and seaweed and clay.Plastered, wrapped up - and you can relax or do household chores.The best option, of course, exercise - active movements raise the temperature of the body and wrapping work even more effectively.

Sauna, as they say, is a great thing.And subcutaneous fat layer decreases, and waste outputs, and rejuvenates the body.True, a sauna or a bath, too, have a home is not for everyone.

abdominal massage can do by yourself.Rubbing, stroking, patting, pinching - basic elements.The massage oil can drip a few drops of orange or grapefruit essential.They are sold in pharmacies.You can do massage with honey - it is also very effective.

In any case, all of the above must be complex and be regular.It boasts a nice beach its beautiful flat stomach.

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