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Video exercises to increase pectoral muscles

Video exercises to increase pectoral muscles

It would seem that what the women to increase the volume of the pectoral muscles, as fragile and delicate creatures to what mountain of muscle.In fact, undeveloped chest muscles entails grave consequences for the beautiful female figure.This drooping shoulders, hunched back, and as a result, featureless chest line.

Exercises for pumping the chest muscles with regular help to increase the performance in the size of a large fan-shaped muscle located between the breast and ribs.It becomes more open and raised, supports the upper back and corrects your posture.Mammary glands are attached to the top of the muscle

, lifted.Thus breasts look taut and toned.
Of course, it is best to go to the gym and work out a program suitable for you.But if this is not possible, the aid can always come home exercises for pectoral muscles.If you intentionally want to work the chest at home, the best thing would be to buy a pair of dumbbells, typesetting desirable to be able to gradually gain more pressure.

complex exercises to increase pectoral muscles

So, you have purchased a dumbbell and you have a comfortable mat on the floor to practice.If so, grab a good mood and start to carry out a complex home exercises to increase pectoral muscles.Based on this video, you will be able to choose for themselves the most effective exercises that can become a "base" for the complex home workouts:

first warm up a bit in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.Running on the spot or jumping rope can be alternated with tilt and swivel.Suffice it to five - seven minutes.

now proceed to the basic exercises.

Exercise "Wall»

Stand facing a wall at a distance of about thirty centimeters and the rest against it hands at chest level.Push the wall so that the burden is felt in the area of ​​the shoulder girdle, not at the back.

Exercise "Pushups»

starting position "lying stress" can be replaced by a position with the knees.Hands put on shoulder width, can be a little wider.In order to get a good pump pectoral muscle to do fifteen to twenty push-ups.
Video exercises to increase pectoral muscles

Exercise "Skier»

Take your dumbbells and stand slightly bent knees and elbows, and submitting the case forward.And now his hands imitate skiing.Only it is necessary to perform slowly, gently taking his hand back.

Exercise "Wiring hands»

Lie back on the mat and bend your knees.Hands with dumbbells lift up before him.Spread them apart, slightly bending your elbows, slowly and slowly returning back.Try to make sure that the hands of wiring were in line with the shoulders.Feel how the blades - When breeding position, they should be connected.

Exercise "Bench»

not getting up from the mat after wiring, hands with dumbbells, bent at the elbows, place in front of the chest.The point of this exercise is that it is necessary to raise both arms upward while holding the grip on one line with the forearm - as if you do push-ups on the floor, but is repelled from the air.
Video exercises to increase pectoral muscles

Exercise "Towel»

Take a long towel, twisting into a bundle, taking it up so that your hands are shoulder width apart.Lift the front of the seizure, parallel to the floor.Now pull the hand towel in different directions as much as possible.Feel the chest muscles are stretched and tense your biceps.

After the complex is recommended to make a banner.You can pull the arms out or up.

With these few simple exercises, engaged in two - three times a week, you can not only increase the chest muscle, and tighten the torso and correct posture.

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