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Cardio exercise to burn fat: video

Cardio exercise to burn fat: video

Cardio exercises for weight loss represent a combination of intense movements, the implementation of which is aimed at burning fat by increasing the aerobic exercise on muscles.Such fitness facilities designed not only to weight loss, but also on the improvement of the cardiovascular system.Just doing them, you can improve the coordination of movements in space, to give ease of gait and posture beauty.

Modern fitness centers offer their clients a lot of different cardiovascular systems.This step-aerobics and dance aerobics, and Cycle, and sessions at various simulators, such as elliptical or treadmill.If you do not want to go to sports - clubs, you can choose for themselves is quite aerobic exercises to practice at home.

Cardio - training for burning fat

the best views are considered aerobic exercise jogging and cycling.Not necessarily, if not possible, to buy home a treadmill or exercise bike.You can buy a pair of comfortable shoes and go running to the nearest park or mall.And usually rent bi

kes for hire anywhere in outdoor activities.

For those who do not like to go out there running in place with high lifting hips.Fifteen minutes of intense this exercise not only will warm tone and give muscles of the body, but also give a good load on the heart.

Instead bike, you can lie on the floor and turn the "bicycle" feet in the air at a rapid pace.This exercise in addition to the effect of a good cardio strengthens abdominal muscles.

There is such a thing as "cross-fit" - this is when a complex of several exercises carried out at a fast pace in a circle a few times.For example, you can perform twenty squats, then quickly take the emphasis lying down and do twenty push-ups, then twenty times to jump out of the squat and twenty times pomarshirovat in place, and then repeat this chain first once or twice - three.

This video presents a comprehensive cardio workout designed for 37 minutes.However, if the physical condition is poor, does not necessarily follow the per second video - choose exercises that seem most effective, and based on them create their own mode of cardio workouts.

Cardio - exercises at home weight loss

Cardio exercise to burn fat: video

jumping rope

great exercise that can complement any cardio workout - is jumping rope.They do not require much space, the main thing that was not above the head lamps.Can a couple of minutes to jump on two feet, and then alternately on each.Begins to perform his best at a slow pace, gradually picking up speed.

Jumping on the spot

If there is no rope, jump on the spot is possible without it.First, when the legs together, and then - on one jump arrange them well, on another cross or pristavlyat together.The rate is desirable to try to keep the fast.


starting position standing, one leg ahead of the other assigned to a step backwards.The essence of the exercise - alternating stride forward in a jump.You can complicate this exercise, having a starting position 'emphasis lying, "and pulling one knee to your chest, my legs in the jump seats.


from the "emphasis lying" to take a leap "emphasis squatting" and then jump up, stretching his arms again and to return to it.You can just keep from sitting down all the way, and can be complicated, and to return to an emphasis lying - so get the whole combination of cardio exercises.


up the stairs, as you know, is useful not only for the heart, but also for the muscles of the lower extremities.If you can not buy a stepper, there is always a step in the entrance.Couple climbs from the first to the last floor of the building will replace the twenty-minute run, unless, of course, this is not a five-storey house.

The above exercises can also be used as a warm-up before the power load, and as a single complex.Their execution - is not only a healthy heart and lungs, but shapely, toned body without excess fat.

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