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Video exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles

Effective exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles: Video

Muscle breast tissue located between the ribs and the breast.They are small and triangular, box before it, radiating a large muscle.In today's daily life, when we are surrounded by the benefits of civilization, and we all make cars, pectoral muscles do not receive sufficient load to development and remain unexpressed.This condition affects their posture and flexibility and a beautiful breast shape.

To give your body grace and make firmer breasts, you need to perform exercises that are designed to lift the pectoral muscles.Of course, the most effective option - is to exercise with dumbbells or special trainers, but also at home without any sports equipment (including the notorious dumbbells) can be engaged as effectively.The best exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles at home without dumbbells you will find in this video:

effective set of exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles

Anyone, even the most effective exercise program should always begin with a warm up.To do this would b

e enough for five minutes of running in place or jumping rope.You can vary the heating of different twists, squats and slopes.

Exercise "Push-ups from the wall»
Effective exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles: Video

If you never do push-ups, it is best to begin to fulfill them from the wall.To do this, stand face to the wall and put his hands bent at the elbows with palms at a distance slightly wider than shoulder width.Perform push-ups correctly with a straight back, and try to reach the breast wall.

Exercise "push-ups»

push-ups, too, can start with a simplified version that is not in the emphasis lying, and on bended knees.Anyway, back, again, to remain straight and your hands slightly wider than shoulder width.There is no need to carry out the first day of the TRP guidelines for women - just five times, if more is not obtained.
Effective exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles: Video

Exercise "palm»

starting position acceptable sitting cross-legged or standing.The main thing - that the back was straight, his shoulders are disclosed, and the sight is directed forward.Raise your hands to the level of the chest, bending at the elbows, hands and push to connect them to each other.You can take a pillow between your hands or a book to visualize direction of effort.Enough to make the twenty-compressions.

Exercise "Wiring hands»

you need to perform to take up weights.It may be light dumbbells or a book of the same size.Fit even water bottles.Running wiring lying on the floor or on a bench.Hands rise up and then divorced in hand slightly bent at the elbows.Run, you need to make sure that your hands in the reconstituted state were in line with the shoulder girdle.You can do a few sets of ten times.

exercise "Cobra»

To do this exercise, you need to lie on the floor belly down, legs straight, and put together, and hands throw in the castle and make the head, elbows looked in different directions and, if possible, have beenaligned.Now you need to raise your head and chest off the floor, making a backward bend.It is important to keep your head on a line with the spine to look at the floor.Fifteen times will be enough for the chest muscles and back muscles.

Exercise "Jerks at hand»

familiar from childhood exercise, when your hands are in a standing position bent at the elbows in line with the shoulder belt and make sharp retraction them apart.Running with turns in different directions for every three - four leads.

And at the end of the complex is required for five minutes to pull the chest muscles after exercise.Stretch can be hand up, one hand taking another and then relaxing them shake, or rotate.

advantage of this set of exercises is that it is not too complex, not too long, and its results would appeal to all girls and women.Indeed, thanks to tightening the pectoral muscles of the chest will be more elastic, stately posture and movement and gait is smooth and fascinating.

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