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Effective stretching exercises for beginners: video

Complexes stretching exercises today are an integral part of many fitness - programs.Without them, they can not do in the classroom yoga and Pilates, as well as various combinations thereof.Stretching is an important part in the dance, and even in bodybuilding.

People who are far from fitness is also very useful to carry out a similar system of exercises.Good and properly stretched muscles - is the key to a healthy, beautiful movements, stately posture, tripping.

Of course, if you have decided to improve their flexibility, it is best to refer to the coaches that they are properly set exercises.But, for various reasons, not everyone can afford to visit sports clubs.In aid of stretching exercises for beginners at home.It's enough just to give a few minutes of exercise a day, for example, in the video below you can see the 13-minute set of stretching, doing that every day, you can even try to sit on the splits in a few weeks!

Effective exercises for a good stretch

Before you start stretching e

xercises, you need to warm up your muscles.You can use the movement of dance, for example.Moves at a fast pace under the cheerful music porazmahivayte hands and feet, or make slopes.It does not matter if you do not know how to dance.The main thing - keep warm and cheer yourself up.Many systems operate stretching after the main power load.
Effective stretching exercises for beginners: video

Stretching the neck muscles

To look taut neck, with a beautiful line of cheekbones and no extra chins, you need to stand up straight, shoulders back and drop breed, look forward to them.Now imagine that the back of the head, ears and nose tied strings and pull them in turn in different directions.Without changing the position of the head, drag it over the "threads of" first four points, then describing a circle.Then you can reach out to the ears drooping shoulders and bent his head to make back and forth.

Stretching the muscles in the arms

Lift up the right hand and the left lower back and slide.Your task is to unite behind a palm, and ideally, make the lock arms.If you did not work the first time, no big deal.Just pull on the hand in the desired direction, gradually succeed.Make approaches on both sides.

Stretching leg muscles

The best exercise for the feet is to stretch the splits.

Sit on the floor, spread your knees and connect the foot.Try as low as possible to tilt the body forward, with the knees downwards.You can help himself with his hands, putting them on her hips.

Sitting on the floor, pull the foot forward in front of you, putting them at shoulder width.Try to reach out his hands to stop.If you got it, you try to put on the stomach or thighs touching his forehead knees.

Lie on your back and extend your legs.Lift one leg up and get a hand to foot.If not, grab that goes.Pull the leg, trying not to bend your knees and keep with the other leg off the floor.Repeat on the other side of the approach.

Stretching back muscles

From the position of "standing, legs together," lean forward, trying to reach his hands to the feet, and not bending your knees at the same time.If not, just hang your hands down and relax.Ideally, you need to put on the thighs stomach.

Now place your feet shoulder width apart and work out to the slopes each.The meaning is the same - to put the stomach on your thighs.

these two exercises are not only good stretch back muscles, and hamstrings.

This complex stretching takes quite a bit of time, and if you spend every day for twenty minutes on them, it is possible to improve the musculoskeletal system, develop the flexibility and fluidity of movement, to make a beautiful posture and gives a beautiful silhouette of the body.

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