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A set of exercises Dr. Bubnovskogo: Video

Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky after thirty years of painstaking work kinesotherapy developed a method that allows to treat musculoskeletal system, as in the postoperative period, and suffered from injuries and chronic diseases.

author of numerous books offers everyone who has back problems, do not take medicine, sitting motionless, and begin to act - move.Exercises Dr. Bubnovskogo - is a set of poses, movements and ligaments, aimed at restoring the functioning of muscles and tendons that support the skeletal system.There are also rehabilitation training on the specialized simulators that are in rehabilitation centers.

system Bubnovskogo All exercises are taken from a variety of recovery techniques of the musculoskeletal system and are aimed at strengthening the capacity of the joints and the removal of pain.Perform many perhaps even at home.

in the watch video clip by typing a very short time a huge number of views, the doctor himself talks about his method and demonstrates its basic principles.The video

presents 20 basic exercises Bubnovskogo regularly doing that, you can forget about the pain in the back and the numerous medications:

complex exercise method Bubnovskogo

If persistent or recurrent back pain instead of pills, try to systematically do the following:a few simple exercises.

deflections back

Starting position - hands and get on his knees, placing them shoulder width apart.The back should be straight, without bending at the waist.On the inhale the spine is curved gently upwards, forming an arc, as you exhale, return to the starting position.Then, in the next breath smoothly flex the back, reaching the stomach to the floor, exhale and take a starting position.Repeat this exercise twenty times in a very slow pace.
A set of exercises Dr. Bubnovskogo: Video

Relaxation back

Without changing the starting position, try to relax the muscles of the back, from the coccyx to the neck and, as it were sagging in the arms and legs, but not caving in at the waist.

Stretching muscles

initial position remains the same.Extend your right leg back and left arm forward and dropped to his left leg.Drag the left side of the front as much as possible, trying to go below, and then switch sides.Do exercise twenty times on each side, making a smooth accurate movement.


Being all in the same starting position, slowly pull your head forward, moving the body parallel to the floor.Keep the lower back was not sagging.

Stretching back

from the initial position described above, the lower body on the floor, bending your elbows and then post the body back and sit on your heels.Palms thus remain in place.Lower the head to the floor and relax your back muscles.Stretch your hands forward as much as possible and then return to the starting position.Five - seven approaches will suffice.


Lie on your back, bend your knees and slide his hands behind his head at the castle.Lift the body off the floor until your elbows until they touch the knees.Avoid sudden movements and jerks.For pain relief is recommended for a short time to put under the waist bag of ice.
A set of exercises Dr. Bubnovskogo: Video

bridge on the shoulders

Starting position - lying on his back, legs bent at the knees and hands along the body, lift the hips as high as possible, trying to stay in the emphasis only on the shoulders.Do exercise twenty times, gently raising and lowering the back.
A set of exercises Dr. Bubnovskogo: Video

After a short break, you can repeat the complex has one or two times.

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