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What foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood

What foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood Not everyone knows how important the hemoglobin content in the blood.These red blood cells is a complex protein that is formed of two elements - the globin protein and heme iron-containing component.He is responsible for the content of oxygen in the blood, so the lack of this element in the human body can cause very serious consequences. Anemia can be a symptom of serious diseases of the blood and the heart, arthritis, and even tuberculosis.To accurately determine the cause of the disease, it is necessary to consult a physician and adjust your diet.

products that increase the hemoglobin in the human body

According to doctors, a leader in the iron content is beef, liver, kidney and tongue.Also, doctors recommend include in your diet rabbit meat.Iron from meat and offal are best absorbed into the human body.To get the maximum benefit, the products must be properly prepared.Liver is necessary to fry on a medium heat with a small amount of refined sunflower oil and salt for 10-15 minutes.Inside the liv

er should be soft and gentle with a small amount of blood inside.The kidneys and the language is best to boil or extinguish with vegetables and butter.Rabbit meat doctors are advised to use boiled or stewed, as the process of cooking completely destroys the useful properties of this product.
also with a lack of hemoglobin need to eat oatmeal and buckwheat, these cereals contain a lot of iron and other mineral elements.

anemic patients should be included in its menu a sufficient amount of greenery.

list of the most useful plant products, increase hemoglobin in the human body:

  1. Fruits - apples, pomegranates and apricots.
  2. vegetables - beets, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots.
  3. greens - spinach, parsley, dill and wheat germ.
  4. berries - blueberries, persimmons, strawberries and strawberry
  5. Dried fruits - prunes, dried pears, raisins, dried apricots.

What foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood

What will help make up for iron deficiency in pregnancy

for pregnant women is very important to visit the doctor, take all the necessary tests, to conduct a correct way of life and fully fed.Pregnancy can cause a deficiency of iron in the blood, as it entails very serious consequences not only for the mother but also for the child.In most cases, physicians are advised to take special vitamins and iron supplements.Conventional products are not able to fully ensure the ever-growing needs of the body of vitamins and minerals.
Pregnancy - a difficult period, during which the body is experiencing a double burden, so be sure to adjust your diet.
products, increasing hemoglobin levels during pregnancy:

  • Of meat dishes the most iron include beef, turkey and rabbit meat.
  • as a light snack suit dogwood, walnuts, dried apricots, raisins and prunes.
  • vegetables that contain the maximum amount of iron: beets, carrots and tomatoes.
  • From fruit the most iron include apples and pears.
  • spinach, lettuce, parsley and kale will not only compensate for a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, but also to saturate the body with essential trace elements and vitamin C.
  • use as drinking broth hips.To obtain a useful decoction should be steamed dried rose hips in boiling water.In no case can not be boiled infusion, otherwise all its healing properties disappear.

What foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood

What foods are good for children with anemia

All parents know that little fidgets very difficult to feed something useful.But the baby is actively growing and developing, so the children first need proper nutrition.The child must eat enough protein, minerals and vitamins.
most useful products to quickly increase the level of hemoglobin in the child's body:

  • sure to include in the menu of meals cooked beef, chicken and turkey.
  • spinach, lettuce, parsley.
  • also a lot of iron contained in apples, strawberries and strawberry.Of them can cook juices or smoothies.
  • useful alternative to sweets - tahini halva or sunflower.

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