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What foods contain the most carbohydrates

What foods contain the most carbohydrates Carbohydrates play an important role in human life.However, their abundance in the diet leads to a very disastrous consequences for the girls - weight gain.Athletes, on the contrary, they need a large number of which are necessary for successful employment.
In humans, they are responsible for energy production.Accordingly, the more it is spent, the greater the need for these substances.For normal operation of the human muscle carbohydrates simply vital.They also contribute to the normal brain.

What are carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are heterogeneous in their structure.In general, they can be divided into several types, namely:

  • simple, which include monosaccharides and disaccharides;
  • complex or polysaccharides.

most known to us monosaccharides - glucose, fructose is.To rank disaccharides maltose and sucrose.More complex structures are glycogen, cellulose, starch.They belong to the group of polysaccharides.
What foods contain the most carbohydrates

What foods contain carbohydrates

These substances are found in the greatest quantity

in the products that are of vegetable origin.It is above all cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, corn, etc.), Beans, bread.They include marshmallows, cookies, chocolate, candy and other confectionery products.

preserves and jams, ice cream, sugar - is also a good source of energy.

greatest number of these elements as a person gets starch, about 80% of the total.They are rich not only potato, but also all kinds of cereals, bread and pasta, legumes.
starch is very well absorbed by the body, but most use the body gets this substance, which is contained in cereals.That is why they should be present in the diet of each individual.
normal diet should contain 55% of the caloric content of carbohydrates eaten in a day.Depending on the weight of the person it is about 250-500 g per day.The rest should be protein and fat.

fast and slow carbohydrates

important to recall that not all are equally affect health.For example, cellulose, which is so important for normal functioning of the digestive system, do not digest, while the sugars are broken down immediately.
These features are reflected in the division of carbohydrates into fast and slow depending on the speed of their decomposition and transformation into glucose.I must say that, in whatever form they are put in our bodies, they will be absorbed only after splitting them into glucose.It is believed that the longer this process is, the greater the benefit the product will bring the body.Glucose is the main consumer, of course, the human brain.
rate of cleavage is determined by such parameters as the glycemic index, or GI.Nutritionists recommend
includes products containing fast carbohydrates to holiday, that is so, the use of which is rare.It:

  • all kinds of sweets;
  • sugar and soft drinks;
  • white bread and biscuits;
  • potatoes;
  • alcohol.

What foods contain the most carbohydrates
It's not just that the frequent use of them immediately affect your waistline, but also in the fact that fast carbohydrates are a major burden on the pancreas, which can not keep up the speed of their cleavage.Slow
also very useful for the organism.They must be the foundation of the human diet, health-conscious.

diet and carbohydrates

Most nutritionists recommend to reduce consumption of these elements in order to get rid of the extra kilos.This makes sense only if it is a quick, digestible carbohydrates.However, the refusal of eating slower and extremely dangerous.It is fraught with the gravest consequences for the organism.Lack of carbohydrates causes deterioration of the brain, general weakness, loss of muscle tone.For this reason, follow the rules of healthy eating, eat the right carbs.To find out what is the content of certain carbohydrates in products, download a list or table carbohydrates and use them to determine its menu.